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Bed Cape Pattern

Bed Cape Pattern

Signa’s Bed Cape

- I designed this for my Mother when she entered a Home.


3 skeins Lion Brand Homespun, 185 yds/skeing. Or approx. 550 yds of any bulky worsted weight - hand-dyed would be great for the color variation/interest. More yarn would be needed if you added width & length for a larger size. I made this to fit my 5', 104 lb. mother but this would easily look nice on someone who is a size medium.

Size 13 needles - I used circs & knit back & forth. You’ll have a lot of stitches on the needles aft er the first few rounds of increases. Plan accordingly.

One big button for the collar of the cape. I would recommend at least a 1" size.

Gauge: 2 ½ sts/inch, 2 ½ rows/in.

Finished dimensions: 38" across bottom edge (76" around), 26" across shoulders (52" around), neckline is oversized at 13" across (26" around.) This is meant to be very loose and flowing around the upper body - the button is included to provide stability - no constant adjusting as you tend to do with a shawl.

Designer’s note: You could do the garter stitch front bands as part of the cape itself (ie: cast on an extra 10 stitches and knit 5 in garter at the beginning of every row.) As it is, I picked up stitches and knit the bands after the body was done. I’m writing out the pattern as I knit it, but it you’d rather knit the bands with the body, go right ahead! Just remember to cast on an extra 10 or so - depending on how wide you’d like the bands.


kfb = knit in front & back of stitch - one increased.
pm = place marker
sm = slip marker


Cast on 60 stitches

Row 1: (WS) Purl across.

Row 2: (RS) k14, (kfb, pm kfb, k13) twice, kfb, pm, kfb, k14

Row 3 and all odd numbered rows, purl.

Row 4: (K to last stitch before marker, kfb, sm, kfb) 3 times, k to end of row.

Row 6 - 18: repeat row 4. 108 stitches after row 18.

Row 20: Continue in established pattern and AT THE SAME TIME: Increase 6 sts evenly across the cape body - 120 stitches.

Row 22 - 28: Repeat row 20: 168 sts.

Rows 30 - 32: Repeat row 4.

By now your piece should measure approx. 10" in length. Continue in plain stockinette (no more increases) until the cape measures approx. 20".

Next 9 rows: Knit every row for edging.

Cast off LOOSELY - I used a crochet hook for maximum stretch.


Pick up 38 stitches evenly along the right front and knit 7 rows. Cast off loosely.

Repeat for left front.


I cast on 15 stitches & ended up with a collar that was 6" wide. If you’d like a smaller or wider collar, adjust your stitches accordingly.

Cast on 15. Knit every row until collar is long enough for the neck opening. In my case that was about 36", slightly stretched. Keep checking as you go - this inst’ something that you measure precisely - especially using Homespun! The stretchier & looser your gauge, the more carefully you’ll need to check.

When the collar is long enough, bind off. With WRONG SIDE facing, sew collar onto cape using a yarn needles & overhand stitch. The collar will then fold back to the outside of the cape.

Single crochet a button loop to fit snugly over your button, secure on the right side, near the top of the right front band. Sew button on the left side.