November 11, 2007

Changing Leaves

The sweater, that is.

I crocheted up through the armhole shaping and realized something wasn't looking like the picture:


Look at the armhole - see the line of chain spaces going up to the top of the shoulder? You can see it better in this pic:


Those are leftover chain spaces from the transition of the lace panel to plain stitches. But...that isn't written anywhere that I could see in the instructions for my size (the largest.) The lace panel transition as written is solid, like this:


Which I don't think looks as good as having that little line of spaces continue up the shoulder. In reading the other sizes only the 37 1/2" and the 44 1/2" require the transition. The 37 1/2" is shown in the picture and the written instructions take into account that space although the transition diagram doesn't. No biggie - I'm going to rip back to the transition row and keep that space in. If I find out that it effects my stitch count (which it probably does and that's why it's written the way it is), I'll just decrease to the other side of the space to keep it even, leaving enough fabric to seam with on the right.

Also, when starting to shape the armholes it has instructions for 41 and 44 1/2" on page 75 with rows 2 through 4. Then on the next page the 41" size keeps going with row 5, but the 44 1/2" starts again with row 2.  Hmmmmm...I went ahead & skipped the instructions on page 75 & went to 76. It seemed to work out fine that way. :)

I think this sweater will really be lovely when complete.

I've finished the sleeves for Sprout:


And cast on for the body. The sleeves are really different colors - I just had some funky lighting this morning!

I'm off to do some beading - happy Sunday!

EDITED TO ADD: I went back & changed the sweater - I just left off two decreases on the armhole side of the back. It shouldn't be a big deal and I've got the line of ch 1 spaces that I wanted. :)