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April 26, 2009



Heh - I tried a cart pierce some years ago but didn't have the patience to let myself get used to it. Yours looks wonderful!

I still think about a tatoo though - much to Myria's chagrin!


Tattoo's are addictive, so be prepared to have more than one (I've got 6.) I've considered a cart piercing...but I'm afraid it will hurt too much.


I, too, got a middle-aged tattoo. I was 38, and my tattoo is on my right hip. It is a swan with a lightening bolt behind it and a small heart above it. I'm now 56, and it still looks great! I'm thinking about adding to it soon.

Also, my tattoo didn't hurt at all.


Crikey ! I didn't see that coming !

You only have one life. Better that it be as happy as possible.



That's fantastic! I hope this change continues to roll out good things for you, and I'm so glad to heat it's amicable.

I had a piercing done in the same place when I was, oh, 23? 24? It's still there, but since I don't routinely wear an earring there (mostly laziness) I have to "poke" it through :)


You know what is best for you. I'll still keep you in my prayers. You are a strong lady!

As for the piercings, um, well, I don't have any, but if you like them, go for it. I don't have any tats either. My daughter has both, but she's over 21 and can do what she wants without parental permission. LOL

Have a great day everyone!


You're a strong lady, Bron!

Just hoping everything turns out for the best for both of you. And that your boys understand and can handle it.

Go, girl, go!


I am all for happiness for everyone in whatever form it takes.

Good luck.

Amy Boogie

I hope these changes are really good for you and give you the happiness you deserve.


Bron, this post brings back some strong memories for me at a similar point in my life. The years of waffling over a decision were agony. Once the decision was made and acted upon...a huge burden lifted. It was amicable also...but it is never simple to leave a marriage, especially when you share a child. I wish happiness to your whole family at the other end of this turmoil.


Cool piercings. Sending good thoughts your way!

Carrie K

Sorry to hear about you & Doug, endings are always somewhat sad.

Fancy ears! I'm too wussy for piercings. I have only one ear w/two holes. It HURT. :)


I got my first tatoo when I was about 27, right after my parents passed away. They would have killed me if they had ever seen one on me. I am planning on another this summer. I'm thinking my webpage logo.

You go girl, do it for you!

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well, for me, I don't like tattoo and ear piercing, but if you really to have a tattoo, go on girl, do what all you want to do and what can give you happiness..:)


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Yours looks wonderful!

I still think about a tatoo though - much to Myria's chagrin!


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