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April 05, 2009



I can't talk about the state testing crap without my blood boiling-it's all about the funding and I'll have to privately email ya about it because it's such crap-my right eye is twitching as I type this.

E's in the enriched classes, however, someone (yes I know who) decided that for 5th grade, no enrich, but back in 6th they get it-she'll be past the 5th grade math by 5th grade, so grow bored-like hitting a stop button and honestly, this can hurt some kids habits.

I'll email ya (or you me, when you get a chance)-E will be in 4th next year, so I have a year to prepare my argument.


I know just what you mean! We have our kids doing FCAT testing for 2 weeks every year!!!


When the NCLB and related AYP was first introduced and our sped director forwarned the problems for our students, I thought
"parents of spec. ed. students are gonna be charging the castle, with torches, in the middle of the night." It hasn't happened yet, but I think I have heard some rumbling of boots footbridge. We have NO resource support at the high school level for core classes. Only co-taught. Many kids have done surprising well with this, btw, which does lend credence to the value of inclusion. But it's not working for all the students and there is nothing else for them. Unfortunately, the parents are charging the wrong castle.


Sometimes I wonder if everything we do in education is just completely *bleep* up. The more I teach, the more I feel like it's a waste of time. (But that may just be because I've got Spring fever.)


Ah, thing about teaching that I don't miss at all (although I still have to hear about it from my husband who teaches 8th grade health).

Another thing that doesn't make sense: aren't the hours documented on IEPs for both SPED and Gifted students being infringed upon? Where is the legality in that?

Here are a couple of book recommendations: Dumbing Us Down and Weapons of Mass Instruction by John Gatto. I have to admit that, as a former public school teacher, I felt a little guilty reading these, but what he says is (unfortunately) so true!

Hang in there, and I'm glad you're feeling better. :)


A Kindle Kozy...I love it!

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