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November 21, 2008



I read, I read, just time hasn't been mine to comment lately. Love the yarn and the shawl pin (like the others too, but lurve the other ones)-must check out Elann.


yeah, I'm reading too... (but not commenting a lot anywhere because I am totally stressing out since we're moving across the country in a few weeks).

That said -- I don't use bloglines anymore, I use gReader. With all of the bloglines problems recently, I wouldn't be surprised if they wiped out old users who haven't logged in in x time so it shows up as though you are missing readers. :)

I love the bag and the shawl pin!


I'm still reading! It has been crazy here too.... Husband has traveled to Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Finland, Bermuda and now Japan. He has been here 48 hrs in the last month. Plus the joys of three teenagers (17,16,15), one applying to college.


I'm still reading. I don't comment that often. I think everyone is busy this time of year.


Love, love, love the shawl pin! I had purchased that very same Namaste bag in Olive. However, I quickly resold it on ebay. I have the Malibu in charcoal and Adore it, so there was no sense in keeping the Olive one.

How do you keep track of your readers? Kinda like reverse stalking! I love it! Teach me oh wise one!


Not me, I'm still here! I'm your loyal reader after all! Just haven't posted a comment is all. That little furry tree is very unusual. Do you have some kind of base for it? I think it would be hard to decorate so am waiting to see what you do with it.

Think we should all get back to simple for holidays. I like to make my gifts and some special gifts for special people. Sewing is much faster than crocheting which is faster than knitting. Much faster to sew a bag than to knit or crochet one.

Post when you can. If you can't, we'll find something else to do. :wink;


I discovered your blog recently and I am reading it, well this is my first comment on your blog (I think) and certainly not the last !


Dont get sad about loosing readers, its not your fault your life is busy! I always love reading your blog... I have been for 2yrs now or so. You were the first blog I had ever read and I loved that you live in N. Mexico and that you knit & crochet AND that you arnt a yarn snob. Iv never commented cuz I didnt know I needed to... Im excited about the direction your life has gone and I keep wanting to know more!


Still popping in ! Life just gets busy from time to time.



Still reading! And knowing a lot about how hard it is to keep up with the blogging when life's busy...


Still here too.

Lucky you! That bag is so nice.

Can't even keep my own blog up to date, but I read yours. I feel like you're my knitting buddy. And that's saying something - 'cause I mostly crochet!


If you stop blogging...we'll pose as bratty students and make you wish you were a street sweeper instead of a teacher!

Seriously, I KNOW what's happening to you. I did these same things too. I think I check on you frequently to make sure you ARE too busy to blog. That's how I know you are being a good girl.

That being said, we still miss you when you are gone!


I'm still here too. I know what you mean. I just don't have the time/same focus to blog as much as I might have in years past. What with school/school/ and family life, you've been a pretty busy bee. Something has to drop, which means your blog can't have the fiber focus 24/7 as it used to. Life goes on and those that don't stick around, you're not missing anything.

Andrea (noricum)

I'm here! (If with a long absence... I'm sorry!) It could be that people are just switching to other readers. I *love* your blog!

I think, also, with less frequent posts, people who are click-through readers tend to visit less often, and then catch up on whatever happened since their last visit. Whereas with daily posts, they know they can come visit for a new read every day.

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