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November 22, 2008



You always fret over the numbers of subscribers-stop!

My subscribers haven't gone up in I don't know how long (I don't use Bloglines anymore so am clueless), however CPC, The Daily Crocheter and some article in some DIY site about my pedi socks, have been having me have hits like crazy, but they're just reading the patterns and not really reading the site.

Relax, breathe woman :)


Hi Bron,
I think it's rather reassuring that a teacher prefers aliens and fog machines to invest in an unforgettable lesson for her pupils rather than satisfying a virtual readership, even if there are real people behind ;-)
There is no better investment than happy school children eager to learn, who feel that their teacher cares about them.
You rock!


On the other hand, you just gained a new one. :)


Hi Bron
I keep answering your comments but they keep bouncing from Comcast, as they think I am spam! I'm still reading - hardly ever get to comment anymore - often am reading all the blogs I keep up with in one session once a week!


I just found a great pattern , which immediately made me think of you.

Judy M

Hey, Bron- I always check your blog and find you an inspiration. Take care of what you need to do and blog when you can. We'll wait.

Carrie K

It might be because November is that post-every-day thing and the bloglines have just gone crazy. I've been unusually busy this month and I've pretty much given up on keeping up with anyone at this point.

That purse is really cute. Oh! I found a bunch of Cotton Fleece in my stash and immediately thought of you.


I'm still reading and I love hearing about your first year teaching experiences, being that I'm just weeks away from finishing my student teaching. It's kept me from blogging, to be sure, and you inspire me to find the time to crochet and knit. :)


Hey. It's simple math. You used to blog almost daily. Now you can't. Your daily numbers drop because readers come over when they get notification of a new post. See?

I had to take out my visit counter a couple months ago because something in its code was messing around with my other codes. At first it bugged me. Now I don't think I'm even going to put it back. It was kind of freeing, actually.


Hey when you're down to one subscriber you'll know who it is;)

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