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November 05, 2008



Yay! I burst into tears when I knew it was official, but I always knew he was going to win. Hurray for us.


Ahhh I like the way you put my thoughts into blog words!




Amen Sister!!!


The saddest thing about all of this is how easily so many people were willing to give up on the country ("I can finally be proud of being American again"/ "If ___ wins I'm moving to Canada) because they didn't like who was in office. I'm glad my immigrant grandfather didn't give up during is 82 years here.

Some of us can disagree with a candidate and not be narrow minded, fear mongering biggots. I for one am tired of being abused because I was not voting for Obama. Is that what he stands for? Being ugly to folks who disagree?

I'm glad abuelo wasn't alive to see this election.


Here here.

And yet - he got something like 48% of the vote.


I loved Obama's speech last night - I was in tears during the whole thing. The one thing I noticed was that when he mentioned McCain no one booed.


In reference to Sara's comment, I am thrilled that Obama won. While Sara has a right to her opinion, even if it's a different one, I don't think she should have been abused. Many of us are proud to be Americans, but were unhappy with the direction of the country under Bush and other politicians. If it makes Sara unhappy because some say that they would immigrate to another country, why exactly would that make her upset? Just as she has a right to her opinion and thoughts, so do others.

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