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October 01, 2008



Hi Bron,
I don't know if I told you this, but a few weeks ago I got a job working for the photography co that took your photo. (I am not naming it so this comment doesn't show up on a search.)

Anyway, I worked for a few weeks and then injured my knee (arthritis and tore stuff) and so had to quit. I did get another job I have been trying hard to get all summer, so it is all working out. I applied to be a paraprofessional in a Kindergarten class. :) This job starts in Nov. So if I need to have knee surgery, hopefully I can get it out of the way soon.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I liked your photo. I have always thought you are very photogenic and don't take a bad photo.

Though, from a photographer's point of view, the photographer should have had you sitting at a slight angle towards the halo light (the one with the umbrella on it) and then had a slight turn of your face so you aren't looking straight on to the camera. I will never look at school photos the same, ha ha!


Yes, very nice photo. The companies that work for the schools do an amazingly good job for the number of people they have to zip through each day. Actually I like the honest and direct looking-at-the-camera pose in your photo. I see the people whisperer in you! Most importantly, which sweater are you wearing?


Nice photo!


Good pic-I haven't seen my ID pic yet, but heard "You will look a little washed out"-which means I look like hell.....however this time I did smile. Of course you have that wonderful background-ours is a white background, so I am curious.

Good to hear some good news about the FIL-miss your posts, but totally understand ;)


You look great!

Sorry about the angry mother thing. I would never think of calling a teacher at home. Those things should be handled in the work / school place.

Your tablecloth looks wonderful. Enjoy the decorating!

Have a great day everyone.


I really like the picture, you definitely look like someone I would have wanted to teach my children.

I glad your father-in-law is improving. My 83 year old dad just had an emergency hospitalization with GI bleeding which really scared me. (He's home now.)

Your doing a great job with your school assignments in spite of the stress!

Carrie K

You look so good in that picture! And completely calm, cool and collected which is so not how I would have handled that woman, I fear. Kudos to you, you people-whisperer you.


What parent wouldn't want that calm looking face to teach their child??


I like your school pic, very nice. You look like the consummate professional! I hope your FIL continues to recuperate.

Andrea (noricum)

You look lovely!

Irrationally angry parents are the *worst*. (My mom had to deal with them too, *sigh*.) Hang in there! You can do it! Don't let yourself get burned out!

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