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  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

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July 22, 2008



On man. I thought you were in the clear - at least the biggest obstacle. I'm so sorry to hear about all your bad news!


I'm thinking of you.


Ugh. I'm so sorry your summer's been so yuck. Here's hoping for small improvements on our way to September.
; )

Plain Jane

I went through something similar last summer when Mom, who had leukemia, fell breaking her elbow & fracturing her pelvis. She was in the hospital for a week and then 23 days in a nursing home just around the corner. She hated it - even though I was there at least three times a day, she was confused and thought that we were stealing her money & her house. We finally brought her home & I moved in and took care of her with Hospice's help until she passed away. I hope things get easier and work out.. {{{HUGS}}}


It's a shame so much crap has hit the fan-I'll send positive thoughts.

School doesn't start here until after Labor Day (although I don't know when, it's usually the Tuesday after Labor Day, but Labor Day is Sept. 1 this year, so who knows)

When is your b'day-mine is 9/01 (yes, Labor Day)

Carrie K

If it has to be done, it has to be done. And wow, even the boys backed you this time? That's a wee bit encouraging.

Here's hoping September gets here really quickly!

Andrea (noricum)



Dang Bron. Sorry the transition is going so badly. I hope your FIL gets with the program quickly!

Amy Boogie

Hang in there. Here's wishing that September comes fast for you.

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