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July 24, 2008



Umm, that's just not right. That's their own mother, wouldn't you think they would want to help out the person she's living with? argh.... idiots! selfish idiots at that!


I think she probably IS receiving a very good pension from her husband's military retirement. No doubt those boys want their inheritance. About that comment from the son, what nerve! Yep, they are riding the gravy train for sure. God bless your FIL.

Have a great day everyone!


Good tip about the dc's!

And OMG. I think Colin is likely right. I'm impressed that he is that insightful at that age. Good job mom and dad!

Andrea (noricum)

Those sons are asses. :P Greedy asses, at that. And where is the income from selling her house going? Was she actually living off of $600 per month before?

Oh well... at least your dad will get to enjoy her company. (Make sure his will is clear, though, so that G's sons don't try to get his savings should he die first, though!)


I would also make sure that it is clear to the living facility that the sons are the ones legally responsible for her. I would also check to see if there are any liability issues involved with her living in your FIL's apartment.

Sorry, I'm an attorney, I can't help offering unsolicited legal advice. Good luck.


I haven't actually done a Petavy pattern, but I have a couple that I want to do. I love her stuff.

My guess is they are trying to keep the bucks for themselves. I really hope that having girlfriend there will help dad adjust, though.


yeah, I agree - something's coming for them, that is for sure. Karma, baby!

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