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June 21, 2008



I'm sorry you had to go through all that. One thing I don't miss about my working life was all the rules that made no sense but couldn't be changed.

Andrea (noricum)

Eeeep! Job craziness, a house full of teenage boys, *and* bathrooms under renovation?!?! You have my sympathy!!! *hugs*!!!

PS: I'll be sticking something in the mail for you soon, if I ever manage to get things in envelopes! Could you e-mail me your current address so I make sure to send it to the right place? Thanks!


Dang, Bron. That's terrible you have to jump through all of these hoops. I'm glad that you are able to keep your dream job


Too stressed to knit? That says it all. Man, what a load of BS. Glad it's over and your dream job is still on the horizon!


My certificate is K-8 All subjects 9th in my major and minor:Stat of Michigan, 1987.

Well since No Child Left Behind, my cert. doesn't even exist anymore. I'm OK K-5, but if I want to teach 6 or above...I can only teach in my major and minor and be compliant with the law.

So hang in there....even us old teachers have to move with the grove! MW


Awww Bron, sorry to hear about all your stress. I know how stupid that stuff is... when I was in Grad school it was just as bad for the students! I hope it works out for you!!


You are officially a teacher when you feel like summer is too short! LOL.

I cannot believe the brouhaha you're having to go through and I hate it for you. I'm renewing my certificate this year and trying to add a subject area, so I feel your frustrating with bureaucracy. The problem is not the teachers (NCLB), its the bureaucracy!

Carrie K

Oh. man! What a horrible thing to have happen. Bureaucracy never goes away, it just gets wores. Luckily it all worked out.

That Creepy Cute crochet is too cute! I miss a cool contest right when I FINALLY get on a jury.

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