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June 28, 2008



Man oh man! I feel so badly for Doug. And that this is affecting his health. It still amazes me, and believe me it shouldn't, how unreasonably selfish people can be. Doug is lucky to have you, someone who has been through this (unfortunately) and can take the hardline if need be.

It seems like the education system is set up to make it as arduous as possible for willing able persons to actually become qualified. Not to mention having so many requirements and actually expecting people to still have the time and energy to teach well! You've come so far and you're almost there!

Ms. Feb will be gorgeous in that Malabrigo. Although I'm REALLY trying to knit from the stash, I am tempted to pick up some to make mine too.


So sorry about the difficult situation. Your email to the sons sounds well-worded and more than generous.
I love the tea cozy book, which I'd borrowed from the library. One of these days I might even make one, though I don't brew tea in a teapot.


I am sending healing thoughts Doug's way. He is lucky to have someone with him who has been in this situation before and can give him good advice. Keep at it. It is the best thing for his Dad and your family.

Andrea (noricum)

Could the lady-friend move into the same assisted living place?

That "velvet grapes" yarn is *so* yummy!


I was wondering the same thing as Andrea? Wouldn't it be ideal if they lived in the same assisted living place? I sort of see the viewpoint of the other family as they probably are considering your fil as their mother's significant other and just because they are both older and can't take care of each other doesn't mean they should be separated.

Even if they consider that for selfish reasons so they don't have to take care of their mother, it is what it is and while I respect the fact that you have to do something to care for Doug's father, shouldn't that include plans for his partner as well? If they were married, would it have been different?


Hi Bron,
I think the big difference is that you search the best solution for your FIL, whereas they search the best solution for themselves...
You certainly don't have to feel bad to assist someone who is in need in the most adequate way.
Family (along with administration) certainly is one of the biggest challenge in life ;-)


sorry you all have to go through all this.
Why don't these boys put thier mom in the same place???


Oh Bron! I'm thinking of ya!

Carrie K

Thankfully you didn't ask. I can see Doug's Dad's point, it's not as if her own sons are going to step up. What a horrid situation to begin with, made worse.

The savings for school sounds good! Might as well get the program though, just in case. No?

That quilt is beautiful! Seminole patterning.

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