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  • Doris Chan's Lace Cardi - crochet

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June 25, 2008



I admire your resolve with the vest. I often finish something with complete disregard for how it is looking, then I'm disappointed with it, but don't want to rip back.
I think the February Lady sweater will be quite nice.


That's a shame! At least it won't take a complete do-over :)

That penguin is SO cute.

I'm loving CE's new color's. Hmmm. Going to have to check out Michael's.


Very cute penguin - I seem to get puled into that kind of project on weekends, for some reason. Quite appealing!

I've been eyeing the February Lady Sweater myself - in fact have gone back to look at it several times. What yarn do youj think you might use for it?


You know, lots of times when something is a bit big, it looks worse on someone. Gotta love the boys for their honesty.

I've been doing little things too-just don't have the concentration for the big stuff and can't seem to get inspired.

We bought that type of pool first and got our money's worth out of it-it's nice with the filter and stuff you don't have to drain it, etc. However, my brother got in it (see how yours is angled on one side-mine was too due to where I put it) and leaned on the edge and his big head made it fold over and it was like a waterfall-I swear, if Elena had been on that side, she would have went over!


Only $100? WOW! That's a steal.

I recently made a CE hat in cactus with a hazelnut band across the front of it, and previuosly a baby newsboy in hazelnut with a few stripes of "lake" in the body. I have to say, the cactus and hazelnut are two of my absolute favorite CE colors. I love maize too, but I have yet to buy it because I don't know what the heck to do with it! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the yarn. And also, congrats on the job front, I'm glad the stress will simmer down for you for a while.


Great minds really do think alike - I just printed the pattern for the Lady sweater and I was going to use my velvet grapes malabrigo!

Kudos to the boys for their honesty!


If you need an honest opinion, ask a son! Unlike a husband, who may fudge in order to avoid spouse-ly conflict.
The vest looks nice and I know you can fix it to fit your size.
And congrats on the definite job. At least with all they make the teachers do to get a job nowadays, you know the kids aren't taught by any old schmo.

Plain Jane

I love the vest. It's too bad that it turned out larger than you wanted. Having problems with "pudge" myself, I think I'd eliminate those two horizontal purl ridges when you rip back. I've learned to stay away from anything like those in a sweater - vertical lines only! {g}


February Lady is gorgeous!

Love Arnold and the 'Guin!

Andrea (noricum)

I love the penguin!


That little penguin is the cutest thing! I am going to have to make one for the hubby, it can be his own little Linux mascot.

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