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June 18, 2008


Oooh! I want, I want! I don't know how to crochet, but I'd learn for that... and I have *so many* friends who would love to get gifts from that, too.

Why I'm dark... Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I have a huge collection of Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs ( oils.


Oh - missed the name field... that was me. Sorry!

Andrea (noricum)

I can't handle horror movies at all, but am not in the least afraid of cemeteries... I've lived beside a gorgeous one for nearly my whole life. I love wandering though really old cemeteries, or ones that are "different".

Sometimes I get the heebie-jeebies, like there's a ghost (or monster) behind me. It usually happens on the stairs, especially coming up from the basement. It happens more often when it's dark, but it happens when it's light too. Even though I my rational brain says there's nothing there, my emotional side is still way creeped out.

I've always been fascinated by "magic" (of the story book kind, or illusion kind), and have been tempted by those free readings (where I imagine they try to get you to pay for more), but I've always been too cheap to try one.

My step-brother is a telephone psychic, but I feel it would be rude to ask him for a free reading, especially since I hardly know him.

A friend's mother who is interested in palm reading did look at mine... and apparently I have a *very* unusual set of lines on the palm of my right hand.


How am I dark?
Well hubby and I got married on Halloween. Which, is my favorite holiday.
I spent years writing dark poetry and such...
I'm a solitary witch have been for about 22 years, and do tarot readings, although not professionally any more
and Then there is the whole bondage thing does that count as dark? well ok I am sure it's at least not the norm for your readers lol


Dang, those are some cute little creepies! Long time lurker here to tell you a) I love the blog and b) I want to win! ;-) So, I'm dark mostly in my reading choices. I love a good read that gives me goose bumps... I just finished Heart-Shaped Box (Joe Hill) and this is a perfect example of what I mean. Creepy, dark, very human... and I love it!


I had this posted in the wrong place.

Well I wouldn't say I was "dark," but I like some Sci-Fi, like Star Trek and sequels, and Babylon 5 and shows like that. One of my favorites was Space Precinct. Was I sad when that one was cancelled.

Love the little alien on the cover of the book. Are there more? I've always wanted to crochet a green alien. haha

Hope I win. Have a great day everyone.


Hmmm, my first thought is that I am not all that dark. Then I got to thinking. I love horror fiction, especially supernatural horror. I don't mind the sight of blood, or TV surgery. I've always been able to like, eat a cheeseburger, and watch someone's appendectomy. I also have a dark sense of humor. For instance, recently I watched "Waking Ned Devine" and thought the priest accidentally hitting and sending the phone booth containing the village PITA over a cliff to her death was the funniest thing ever. Must be an Irish thing (it's an Irish produced movie) - I know people who watched that and thought that was awful. The Irish generally have a very morbid sense of humor, and I share this my mom, sisters and niece.


Oh lady I wish I had some pictures here on my computer at work, but alas they're all at home (and older so not digital). I graduated high school in 1997. Nowadays it's not all that uncommon to see the "goth" kids. In fact, it's very common, and stores like Hot Topic make it easy for kids to be that way. Well, starting when I was about 11 I started dressing all in black for really no good reason other than I identified with that sort of thing. I became obsessed with horror related things (but as I got older it became more an obsession with true documentary style films on such things as serial killers, ghosts, hauntings, etc. I'm mostly interested in forensics and criminal psychology, and the more twisted the better). Anyhow, from the age of about 11 until I was about 20 (1990-2000 or so) I don't think I wore anything but black. My hair is black naturally. I am naturally pale. At the age of 12 or 13 I started wearing dog collars, chains, dark make up. No one else did this, and I did not have many friends. In High school there was a group of about 15 of us "freaks" as we were lovingly called, out of my school of 3500. We were all very dark. But unlike some of the goth kids today (and maybe I'm being very stereotypical right now and shouldn't be), we were the smart kids, in the advanced placement classes, the ones who excelled, the ones who didn't get into trouble. We were classified as the ones who probably did drugs and got into trouble but it couldn't be further from the truth. Anyhow, now that I'm 29 I still have a hard time wearing color. I still love halloween. I still find my sense of humor to be very dark. People still tell me I'm twisted. I still wear my worn out Dr. Marten boots from 1990. I will never stray far from the goth girl I used to be. I may not have a black and pink mohawk anymore, but heck I wish I could! Actually I wish I had the nerve to shave my head again. It was buzzed about 3/4 inch long and dyed various colors, and I miss it so much! :)


Hmmm...can I really say that I am dark? I am kinda creepy in that street lights often go out when I am driving under them, not sure why, but I noticed this first in college when the street light at the Batman sign near Notre Dame would go out when I drove y on my way home at night. I also like tramping around a good old cemetary...have even done some tombstone rubbings. I firmly believe in precognition, as I've dreamed of people before I met them and the conversations that we would have in certain settings. Anywho, thats me, not really dark, but kinda strange...does that count? =)


How adorable, for those I might learn to crochet. :) I am dark because I..... thats a hard one. how bout because I do one great maniacal laugh. or I have three possible ways to off my spouse should said spouse ever need it all planned out(complete with alibis). On the other hand I have a whole list of ways to torture those who annoy me suffeciently (they include me singing 'there's a hole in the bucket' and something I have always been curious about removeing an eye with a spoon, it is suppose to be easy...... Never mind, I think I will stick with Maniacal laugh as my reason.


I am not so dark myself, but I married a former Goth who's crazy for vampires, zombies and Stephen King.

Thanks to him I have a son who's named after Vincent Price (it's his middle name) and a daughter who can sing all the words to the "Ooogie Boogie" song from Nightmare Before Christmas.

I do like to support my family in their "dark" pursuits, though. I'd love to make them all the critters in that book! I may have to buy it if I don't win...


Hi Bron!

I'm dark because...

(1) When I got Barbie dolls as gifts as a young'un I never played with them. So one day when I was mad at someone I found the one that most looked like her and turned it into a voodoo doll. I made up my own ceremony complete with some poem I wrote and everything. Then after I stuck pins in the head I called said person and asked if she had a headache. haha

(2) I've seen The Cure in concert twice and Morrissey once (wish it was more!). Marilyn Manson fans can bite my butt because Morrissey? Is dark. Show me a Manson song darker than "There is a Light that Never Goes Out"

(3) I have a skull tattoo on my ankle. Granted it's a Jolly Roger symbol to also show my love of pirates, but still

OK that's just a few. Enjoy!


Oh and Hey Jen in the comments! I've been wanting to read Heart Shaped Box for awhile! I'm not a huge Stephen King fan (bookwise... I like the stories and thus the movies) but I'm interested to see what comes out of his son's head!


I had a Munsters coloring book, I admired Wednesday Addams, read Shirley Jackson and horror anthologies,I took a class in death literature in high school and we went on a field trip to a mortuary, when I went to Ravelry to look up projects from your book it read "666 Ravelers are online"!


I'm not really dark, but love to read scary stuff (King, Koontz, anthologies). I also like kinda "out there" sci fi. Hopefully that's enough to qualify me - I think the book looks great!


I want Offspring to name one of her girls Abattoir (pronounced roughly aba-twa) and call her Abby so when folks ask "Is that short for Abigail" she can be like "No, my mommy says it means slaughterhouse in French".

Pretty sick, huh?

I also own a book of Addams' artwork

oh, and If I threaten to kill you for the book, would that make me dark? (Ha ha)


ok, I'll bite. I'm twisted. I go to B & N to look at the crime scene photo books. I'm fascinated by the unsolved Black Dahlia crime. I recently made a shawl to donate to a prayer/comfort/friendship ministry using Homespun Gothic and wanted to model it with my leather skull belt and studded wrist cuff. But I realized it just would be wrong and highly inappropriate for skulls and prayer shawls to be in the same pic.

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