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April 29, 2008



Oh good! I can't wait for your book review. I've seen this on Amazon but never in person, and I've been hesitant due to lack of reviews.

Good luck at work. I wish substitutes would have more respect than they do, and be treated better than they are. My only experience with them was as a kid, and I recall as a kid feeling like we had a mini-vacation from class when we'd have a substitute teacher. We were not always easy on them, that's for sure (and I hope the age of the kids you teach means that they're more respectful than younger kids are). You guys have a tough job, hands down! And when the school makes it harder on you? Good grief. Good luck.

Andrea (noricum)

Oooo... is that a lady with actual curves I see? :)

Bummer about the "just a sub" crap. :P I'm getting more and more nervous about my upcoming teaching job. :( (It

Andrea (noricum)

Somehow the "post" button clicked itself while I was typing... continuing on...:

It's looking like there is less prepared material for me than I had originally thought. The previous prof just has rough notes on what to talk about. I still need to look at them, and what the previous-to-that prof gave me.

The joy of being responsible without any of the perks of authority. Have fun!

Nice earrings! Happy Anniversary.

I love that quilt you're making your bio-mom.

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