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March 25, 2008



Aha! I had seen Swiffer covers somewhere before, but didn't realize you were actually supposed to use it! I thought it was just a cover! I have so much cotton yarn! I now have a use for some of it! Thanks for posting that!!

It looks like you are enjoying your spring break!! Can't wait to see what else you make!


I plan to make that Biffer and found it accidentally on Ravelry under "Shrugs" (cause she calls it a swiffer Shrug and I have bunches of cotton, using it wet or dry or both?

Coolio on the DW cloth.

Paps are important every year Bron, but I am not gonna lecture you. I go faithfully and I don't have the virus and I don't have multiple partners, however I don't like going and if you liked going, then I think something would be "off" with you (LOL).

Glad the break is going well. We're chilling, but it's chilly here and I am jealous of everyone heading South here.


That's awesome! Gotta love something that's nice both to your pocketbook and the earth.

Andrea (noricum)

Oooo! Great swiffer cover! I need to make some. :)


Love the dishcloth and the Swifter cover. Great idea.


love love love the swiffer shrug!!! (say that ten times fast!)

Carrie K

Your swifter cloth is inspired. I'm too jealous of your break to comment. And I've had two mammograms and that's it until my doctor has a hissyfit and insists. Surely there's a better way.


Such a cheerful Bron today! Love that dishcloth and your swiffer cloth is great. I don't have a swiffer but will keep that pattern in mind if I ever get one.

Congratulations to Dylan! Let the fun begin! Actually, it's amazing how helpful the teens are when they get their driver's license. They actually OFFER to go to the store to pick up missing ingredients, take that package to the P.O., etc. Take advantage of these opportunities to have your children do some errands for you. It's great while it lasts! *grins*

Have a great day everyone!


Egads I've got my annual on Monday. *shudder*

The swiffer pad looks great. I've seen a few posts here and there about them. Too bad I don't have a swiffer!

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