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March 31, 2008



I'm glad you are posting about the woo-woo - I am blocked again from sending you emails. For some reason or other. Sigh.


I am looking forward to your tips for selling a house because I am hoping to be in that situation here very soon. We have talked about it for a year but haven't found the "perfect" house to motivate us into putting ours on the market. That is until this weekend, I found a wonderful house and at least by the pictures we both like and I am hoping to hear from the selling agent today.
So bring on the tips and tricks! LOL.


You're not supposed to put the rebate in savings. Go buy some yarn and help the economy!
I'm sorry now that I didn't congratulate you on the house. How rude of me. It is wonderful that you sold it, and the tax news is great. What a relief.
I think that model is a bit pudgy. She's cute, though. I wonder if they selected a pudgy model because they link crocheters and pudginess? :)


I saw that scarf after I talked to you last night and marked it.

Without having to look, is that the first shrug in the book or the second one? I plan on doing both-but will work on whichever one you are working on first because I KNOW you will work out the tweaks ;)

Mary Jane Hall

I have a suggestion on weaving in the ends on your shrug. When crochet is loose, I use something called "OK To Wash It" fabric glue. I think there's even a section in Positively Crochet where I explain how to use it, to keep the ends from coming loose. Have you seen the updated diagram on my website? It's not a correction, but I added things to it, to help make it easier. Let me know if you have any questions :)


Good good good! I can finally get someone's perspective on this pattern, because it's in my to-do list.

Congratulations on the taxes and the house! It's great news. We're looking foward to the rebate too.

Shelly Kang

I wonder if that yarn from e-bay could be Manos Del Uruguay, which is a lot like Malabrigo, just not quite as nice. And they have a colorway that looks like that - I just saw it at a LYS.

Congratulations on selling your house, BTW!

Andrea (noricum)

For the yarn ends, use a bit of black sewing thread to sew them down.

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