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February 22, 2008



I never expect a comment back or an email unless I ask a question.

I comment on my own blog with a comment if, and only if, I cannot find the email of the person who left the comment and they may have left a question. Unfortunately, with the "new" blogger, email addy's are not given to me unless someone signed up under the "new" Blogger and didn't migrate-which means I have to search for their blog and look to see if they have an email listed, lots of work to say "yes" or something.

Blogger has a way now that you can subscibe to comments made after your comment is left-I do that if I have left a question, but honestly sometimes I feel I have to thank everyone.

No, I never go back and read comments I have left to see if someone has left me a comment on my comment.

I can be rude I guess. Several people,not Blogger bloggers, always email me when I leave a comment, which is nice, but I assume it can be a drag for them and they don't have to.

Wow-long ass comment.


Yes, life is too busy to check back on comments on comments on others' blogs. I either reply via email or in the next post to comments on my blog. And I feel badly that I don't reply to all comments via email (not that I am overwhelmed at all with comments) but I am lazy and procastinate and get backed up, and on and on...


Go magic loop, go!

I agree about the comment replys. I read some other posts in reply that that dude's post that she references. The long and the short seemed to be that it is more common practice in non-knitblogs to continue a conversation in the comments, making the back and forth a free for all. But, it became abundantly clear that this is another way in which knitters, for whatever reasons, approach things differently, because this is not a common practice with us.

I wondered if this is because the reason many of us blog is fundamentally different than why the audience that dude was speaking to blogs. They are starting a conversation. A debate is wanted. We are sharing. It's inspiration and not meant to fuel a debate, a back and forth.

Also, I think knitbloggers tend to take each communication more personally, and I personally feel it is more personal to respond via email than in the comments. Although I genuinely don't have a problem with those that do this - especially those that get a gajillion comments!

Even with a feed, I don't have the time to both read all the blogs I subscribe to and then keep up with all the comments, if I even wanted to. I feel like those comments are aimed at the knitter, not me. It's almost private. The only time I make a specific effort to read comments is when there is a debate :)

Another long comment, she says sheepishly.


I did notice you were replying via email to comments! I was surprised, because I knew you as a reply-to-comments-in-the-comments person. :) ha! :)


I've always been a hit or miss in how I respond to comments in my blog (not that I get comments hoo).

Anyway, I share you aversion to dpns so I'll have to look into the Magic Loop. I am notorious for stretching the stitches as I near the top of a hat to the very last until I admit defeat and break out the dpns.

Your circle looks great, btw. Very impressive.


That was one of my reasons for switching to wordpress, so I could comment back to the commenter. Sometimes I just want to say thank you and send a more personal message.

I like your little gray circle. I have done a version of magic loop whenever my needles are too long. I would always pull the cable out to shorten it. I never got into magic loop because I don't have cables with good enough joins....maybe one day.


I do agree with you also! Where was i???
After i read your post i went and try it on, an man, oh man, really it is so cool! Thank you for the remind of the existence of the magic loop.


Oh hell yah...Magic Loop rocks! I learned it last year and you will not catch me with DPNs in my hands. Unless of course I am using them to pick my teeth! hardy har har!

Andrea (noricum)

Your grey circle is so pretty and perfect. :)

I pretty much never go back to check if someone replied to one of my comments... although there is the rare occasion that I ask a question that I want to know the answer to, and actually remember about it later. ;)

I also don't (generally) read other comments left at other people's blogs, although I do know that the more political/controversial ones do have debates that rage on in the comments.

When responding to people who comment at my blog, I either respond at my blog (if it's just a generic "thanks"), or by e-mail (if a question is asked and they have blogger set to share their e-mail, or they fill in the e-mail field for non-blogger id comments). However, I do admit that there are a bunch I never respond to, simply because they don't seem to ask for a response. But then, I also generally don't expect a response from other people when I leave comments at their blogs. One exception is if I get a comment from a person I don't recognize, I'll often go check out their blog, and may leave a comment if I see something to comment on, or feel like saying thanks for the visit.


I've been converted to Magic Loop too. it's great for sleeves.

Carrie K

I can't figure Magic Loop out and I always end up with a too long circ and too few needles. DPN's rule. At least for me, now that I don't ladder anymore.

I saw that commenting in the comments at Chris (Stumbling over Chaos) and Deb (Chappys Mom) (and now I'm reading Norma's comments on it). I've got some book bloggers that reply in comments that I try to get back to, but no way do I go back to most blogs to see if they replied in the comments. I can barely get to all the blogs I want to as it is!

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