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  • Something Red - knit

  • Two tea cozies - one knit, one crochet

  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

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November 20, 2007





Too bad. They are pretty. I'm glad I waited to order. My first set of the Option metal needles was perfect. Then I ordered a couple extra needles a few months ago and had the same problem with the joins that you are having. I think they did rush the production and obviously their quality control just isn't there yet. I may reconsider down the road if they resolve their manufacturing problems.


It seems KP has serious quality control issues across the board when it comes to needles. US1 circs were my problem twice with the replacements. I finally just gave up and reminded myself that quality is worth every penny. It's Addi Turbos from now on, even if I have to go without caffeine for a while to afford them!


I have been pondering buying a set like that... now I don't know what brand to buy


I delayed trying the Harmony neeedles for two reasons - I wanted to know what other people's opinions of them were and I love the metal Options needles so much and have such excllent luck with them (no breaking or unscrewing or anything like that) that I didn't feel the need for something additional.

It really is crappy that you've had such bad luck with these things Bron, not to mention frustrating I'm sure.


I've had some spotty quality with the Options, and they replaced the offenders quickly, but nothing as severe as what you are experiencing! There does seem to be a QC issue, though!


that's disappointing. i was looking forward to getting a pair.


Bummer. I've read on other blogs (and now in your comments) KP has had issues with the joins on the Options, they replace them, but still.......


ugh! what size? I had to send back one of my US4 tips because it wouldn't twist onto the cord, but the US8 and US9 were fine. Lame! (I do like knitting with them though)


That is terrible!
I'm glad their customer service replaced them (and will now give you a refund). It's the pits when a customer service department fights with an unsatisfied customer...

Have a great day everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea (noricum)



I'm glad then that I have been waiting! I do not have any interchangeable needles yet and have been trying to decide what to buy, I'll keep looking at my other options!

Carrie K

Oh, bummer.


I've heard a lot of complaints over the Harmony needles. Almost every person I know or have come across that bought them had major issues with screwing in one of the needles. Sucks. :[

Lisa C.

I am not thrilled with the modular needle sets but LOVE the fixed circs. I only wish they cam in more sizes for those of us who are not into parts.


hmmm that bites Bron! I bought the nickel plated options when they came out and never had any issues until this past year when a couple of my cord joins came off. KP quickly replaced them. However, I have a nickel allergy and my fingers become quite irritated. I snapped up a full set of Harmony; and I Luurrrrve them so much! I have had zero issues. They are the only needles I have used since they arrived a couple months ago.


Gee, Sorry to hear that. I have the nickel plated Options, and love them. I only have the Harmony dpns, but I'll eventually try out the interchangeable Harmonies.

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