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October 27, 2007



I like to see links to other blogs... I haven't followed a whole lot lately, but that's more because my knit blog reading has been more limited lately, not because it's not fun to browse other sites you haven't yet stumbled on yourself. I found such links particularly helpful when I first started reading blogs, so I would think your newer blog readers gain the most benefit from the links.

And I understand not wanting to hurt people's feelings. That's why I never added a blogroll to my side links in the first place... I was afraid I'd miss someone and hurt their feelings, and I knew I was likely to not keep up with it very well, with the same result... someone sees I have a blogroll and assumes that since I haven't added them, I don't like them all that much.


Yup, I still look at the links, but not that often. Someitmes if I'm bored or have free time, I'll look at someone's blogroll to view different blogs, but not that much anymore. I don't list them anymore on my blog b/c mine is too lengthy, but I have a link to my Blogroll via Blogines, so you can see them all if you choose.


I use them, both on my own blog and on others. Randomly blogroll-hopping is still probably my favorite way to find new blogs. I'm old-school like that. :D


I still follow sidebar the new discoveries of new bloggers.


I get more of a buzz when I'm randomly cruising the knit/blog rings I'm in and find my blog linked on someone's blog who I've never come across before. I've picked up a couple of new friends that way as I always drop them a line to say hi and thanks. Yes, I use the blogroll links when I have the time, which isn't often. If I really enjoy someone's blog, then I figure I'll also enjoy the blogs that they enjoy - you know similar styles and tastes etc.


I agree with you about the Sandra magazine. Besides #7 and #17, I also like #1 a lot ... mohair! :D

Andrea (noricum)

When I first started blog reading, I checked the blogrolls a lot for new blogs to read. Now that I have trouble keeping up with those I already have in bloglines, I almost never look at other people's blogrolls. I basically only look when I'm trying to figure out why sitemeter says someone came to my blog from theirs.

However, if you ever notice your blog disappearing from my blogroll, let me know, since it'll probably be bloglines randomly unsubscribing me from blogs again!


Sometimes I do check through others' blogrolls, especially since the Knit Bloggers ring no longer has the Random Blog option. I liked that feature. I try to keep my own list short and current, weeding out blogs that post only sporadically or have disappeared.


I love to read the blog links. I'm a new blog reader.


I like to see the other people's blog-links lists because sometimes I like to surf through them when I am looking for a new blog to read, or looking to add to my list...It's like getting your recommendations...I remove blogs from my list when they haven't been active for a few months...


I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and thought I'd step out of the shadows and let you know that I linked you on my blog. :) APS is lucky to have you--I know (from experience) how tough subbing is. I also know (from experience) how much teachers appreciate good subs!


Thanks for delurking, Katie! A 4th grade teacher, eh? You've more patience than I have - elementary school exhausted me!

Thanks, everyone, for weighing in. :) I think I need to pay closer attention to listing the new blogs I find on my sidebar. Right now there are 60 or so links on my blog, but I have almost 100 on Bloglines. Just a tad unequal!

Kristen - I can't remember the last time I cruised a blog ring. I didn't even know the "random" feature was gone!

Wanda - I might do what you do & link to my Bloglines. It would certainly make things easier for me!


I hear you, Bron. My bloglist is terribly outdated, and the only new ones I add are bloggers I get to meet in person, or bloggers who I discover have added me to theirs. I depend entirely on Bloglines for reading...there are a lot of blogs on there not listed on my blog. And there on my blog I never read anymore. Now with Ravelry added to the picture, I'm adding a few from people I "meet" there. There's never a perfect system. I know plenty of bloggers have simply eliminated their lists entirely....but that sometimes feels like throwing out the proverbial baby. solutions here...just commiserating.

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