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September 19, 2007



You have so much on your plate lately-I hope all goes well for your FIL-it's good he has you and Doug looking out for him.

Good for you with the ex-agent thing.

The beads are very cool-I have that bead roller and doubted how easy they made it sound. Hopefully, I'll get to play with my clay soon.

Nice you had a day off from school yesterday-you need the downtime.


Just a note on the 3% agent thing... the real estate agents' cost is usually around 6%, because 3% is for them, and 3% goes to the buyers' agent. If this person is advertising only working for 3%, that really means that are leaving the buyers' agent to collect directly from his/her clients.

It causes lots of problems for the buyers' agents (imagine having to explain to clients that while with most houses, the amount they bid is what they pay, except for a bit in closing costs, since they bought THIS house, now they have to pay him/her a large amount... $6,000 on a $200,000 house... in addition to what they knew they were paying, AND it may have to come out of pocket, rather than being part of the mortgage), so often they will actively NOT show such houses to their clients.

In the market here, pretty much all buyers use a real estate agent, because it's "free" (the 6% is part of the cost whether or not a buyers' agent is involved). If it's the same there, going with a discount agent may turn out to cost you a lot of potential opportunities for a sale.


An agent/broker can work for less than 6% because they get all of their cut & don't split with their company/broker (like Century 21.) I understand what you're saying about less commission but around here it's done a LOT. Especially on higher priced houses in this depressed housing market. And the buying agent usually has a lot less work to do for their money than the selling.

In this area, too, lots of houses are FSBOs - again, in this market, selling yourself makes a lot of sense. We bought our rental that way & only paid $550 in fees. It was pretty sweet. :)

Also, if the appraisal is high enough to cover the asking price AND a percentage, it's even better. When we sold the rental the appraisal miraculously came in at exactly what was bid, which included all the closing costs (we agreed to pay them.)

We have all the time in the world to wait for the right buyer - we'd like to have it sold & gone (of course) but we can afford to wait if it takes awhile. So we'll try it one way for awhile & then do something else if it doesn't work out. :)

And yeah - I know we're REALLY lucky to be able to do that!


You're a woman of many talents! Your jewelry is wonderful. I'm knitting Arianne too, only in wool. I have a collection of CE, and haven't been real thrilled with it. Can you recommend a pattern, or should I just hit ebay? My efforts never look as nice as yours.


I'm knitting Ariann too and am at about the same place as you are Bron. Fun, fun. All of that cardi on one needle just goes on forever.

Lots of stuff going on in your world. I hope it starts to calm down soon. Sorry I am late with your card. I did not forget and I apologize, it will be going out with today's mail! So sorry!

@Janet, you should check Bron's archives or search for Cotton-Ease. If you browse her FOs, you will find many that have been made with CE. You might want to look at the Cabaret Raglan by Norah Gaughan in IK (Spring or Summer '04, I think). I made one after seeing Bron's and really love it.


Ohh and p.s. I am also using CE doubled to make Juliet (from Zephyr Girls)too. The rest of my CE stash goes to baby knitting. A great yarn for kid projects.


Sad to say, I agree that they probably would have just left your FIL alone unless he was being really loud, obnoxious or disturbing while dying. My son is minimally conscious from a Traumatic Brain Injury and the ER nurses on duty the night he was there for seizure/fever/tachycardia spell (brainstorm from damage to the brainstem) seemed to HIDE from us. I couldn't even get someone to help turn him until I threatened the nurse that if his bedsores worsened I would hold her personally have to be LOUD sometimes to get anything done in the ER, sad to say.


I like the face! Now I see why Ariann takes a while to knit. As Janet said, all the front and back stitches at once. Now I'm worried that I will find Mr. Greenjeans to be the same.


Your jewelry and bead making is coming out fantastic, Bron! Very impressive.

I hope you get things figured out with FIL. Sounds very stressful.

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