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September 21, 2007



My yarn for Cheri Amour is at the post office. I'm ditching work early to go pick it up.

I'm dying to cast on for it!


Take it slow kiddo - it sure sounds like you've got plenty on your plate right now.

I know what you mean regarding your FIL's doctors. Dad has been having some joint discomfort - wrist and shoulder, moderately severe.

His doctor doesn't know what's going on and seems disinclined to send dad to someone who *can* figure it out. This doesn't seem to bother dad, but it irks the sh*t out of me and I try not to worry about the lack of concern being because dad's 84 years old :(

Andrea (noricum)

Juliet looks quite bulky in the close-up shots. (I'm not a fan of bulky knits... although I can appreciate the attraction of a quick knit!) I think I like Cherie Amour better.


Sorry about the Sesame. If I had a sweater that made my butt look bigger, I'd be happy. but then, we all have our own cross to bear, figure-wise. I love Juliet, and want to knit it, but it is just so young and cute looking. I like more serious nerdy knits. You know, the ones with pocket protectors and tape on their glasses. :)


Ooh, I didn't even think about my Patagonia Cotton for Cherie Amour. Hmm. I'm not sure what you mean about Juliet being too poofy. I think it would look good on you. When I saw Lynette (of Passionknit's) version, that sealed the deal for me. I'm hoping to be done with mine soon. If so, I'll post it on my blog so you can see.

I do like your striped Sesame. Too bad you don't want to finish it. I think that's why I never cast on for it. I didn't think about the stripes, but I do like the shape of the sweater. Perhaps I will make one with my blue cotton-ease, but use a few small black stripes here and there, hmm.


I like the Juliette pattern, but I think that, instead of the buttons, I'd use one of those neat clasps you see on some sweaters at the neckline and let the rest hang free. Maybe use a feather & fan pattern for the body once the yoke was done with raglan sleeves. I'm hopeless - I can never look at a pattern without figuring out how to change it {g}


I love the Cherie Amour pattern... it looks so fabulous. I wonder, though... the ratios between the hip and waist dimensions seemed a little odd to me (my waist is about 36, so the largest size would still give me over 2 inches of negative ease. My hips are about 46, and the largest size has that measurement at 62 inches... that's 16 inches of positive ease, and my chest is only 42, so the difference there would be 18 inches of positive ease). I just wouldn't know where to start with it.


I don't know...I think the Cherie Amour pattern looks lovely. I'm just not a big fan of garter-stitch sweaters, so I'd probably pick that one over the Juliet. Maybe if it was in black... /ducks, runs


I have the pattern and yarn for Juliet. It's very cute.

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