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August 27, 2007



Oh boy - you sure had a weekend, didn't you? I know exactly what you mean though - I shudder when I think about my father's house and suspect that when.if I ever have to deal with it, I'll just sell it "as is". Arrrrgh...

And don't even get me started on the driving issues. Being in dad's car when he's making a turn that involves crossing the on-coming lane of traffic is a pants-wetting experience :)

Now, take a deep breath :)

Sesame is beautiful - the colors are so nice and go so well together!


That sounds awful. Truly awful. It's almost over!

You sure are ahead of schedule for holidays gifts. Geez - homemade apple jelly?????

Arnold sure is a cutie!


I know what you went through having to clear out parents' things. It really helps to do it together with siblings or other relatives. Amazing how much stuff there is.

How about donating it to Salvation Army or someplace like that? They will come and haul it away and you / father-in-law can also get the tax deduction for the donation.

Love Arnold!!

Have a great day everyone!


Your post struck a chord. My parents dealt with a mess when my dad's parents died, so they have made a concerted effort to not make us do the same thing. Their affairs are in order and my mother has even given me things she wants me to have. It's very thoughtful and I appreciate it a lot. I also had the same idea of writing letters to myself. I'm going to start on my 50th birthday, three years from now. I have the exact same things I want to tell my future self - I thought it was funny that someone else had the same idea!
My husband's family is the "let the kids deal with it" type, and I have similar trials to yours to look forward to.


I went through the opposite problem. My stepmother's greedy relatives pounced on my dad's stuff as soon as he died. They didn't even notify me of his death until after the funeral. The only thing I ended up with was a box of photos my stepsister sent me after I asked for something to remember him by. I couldn't do much because he died without a will so under the law everything went to his widow.

I am a big believer in settling your affairs ahead of time. You don't want to rely on other people to make sure your loved ones get what you want them to have.


My mother already cleaned out her attic and stuff so we wouldn't have to go through all the junk-not that there isn't a lot of stuff in her house, but it can be done room by room pretty easily.

Hugs to you-you've had a brutal several months with moving things everywhere.


Only 4 sets of china? That's not too bad, I'll be getting about 6, and I've already threatened to set up at table at Mom's memorial service and hand them out. 'Thanks for coming, take some dishes'. And what the heck will I do with 4 dining room size tables, two china cabinets, etc?


Only 4 sets of china? That's not too bad, I'll be getting about 6, and I've already threatened to set up at table at Mom's memorial service and hand them out. 'Thanks for coming, take some dishes'. And what the heck will I do with 4 dining room size tables, two china cabinets, etc?


When greeted by items that were once well-loved or well-used, but you have absolutely no room or use for them now...take a picture. You can assemble a photo album of memorabilia while letting the things go. Keep the memories, and let go of the guilt. I hope this helps.

Having been the executor of two estates, I know too well the load of stuff that has to be sorted through. My thoughts are with you.


That's an excellent idea, Bliss. :) I never would've thought of it. And thanks for the good thoughts. :)

Kathy - I didn't add in my Bio-Mom's stuff either. ::wink:: I hear ya on handing out plates at the service! Maybe I could give away gifts baskets at the wake? Sigh.

Thanks, Deneen - I keep crossing my fingers that by Christmas things will be settled & behind us. Honestly, I feel like taking a few weeks off of work, just to work on the houses!

Debbie - I know what you're talking about. The same thing happened TWICE in my family - I have only a table from my Dad's side of the family. No family photos, even. They were all taken by his sister & her family. It's a crime. I'm sorry it happened to you. :(

Bridget - Great minds think alike, eh? I love the "letter to my future self" idea because I know 30 years from now what we've gone through will have dimmed in our memories. And yes - I'm going to give the kids things as we go, not hoard everything & leave it until the last minute!

Margaret - The tax credit thing only works if you itemize with over $10,000 in deductions (I've looked into it almost every year and neither we or my FIL itemize) but donating is a good idea. :) We'll see what's left here in the next few weeks!

Thanks, Jillian. :)

Robbyn - Deep breathing is SO overrated. ::wink::

We just have until Nov. with my FIL and then he'll give up the car for good. We're just hoping against hope he doesn't kill someone between now and then....


I have asked and asked my parents if they would like any help cleaning up their basements and holding yard or estate sales and they resist it every time. They have tons of stuff in both places (I have two sets of parents now, step parents). One of them was a big auction and antique sale attender so you may get some idea of how much stuff they are holding.

Kathy W.

My parents moved into a smaller house and did a ton of downsizing at that time so we won't have a huge hurdle to jump over should that time come as it does to all.

OTOH, my husband is a hoarder and we are bursting at the seams. He won't get rid of anything, especially if it was a gift. It doesn't matter if it's unusable or broken or out of date.


That's really tough to go through all of a parent's belongings that they never get rid of. When my mother's parents died (my grandfather died 8 months after my grandmother's passing), my mother lived in her house taking care of them and stayed there 2 years afterwards. Luckily my mom has 5 other sisters and they wanted lots of things and so did their kids. After that crush to have things, my mother slowly went through and merged her household into theirs.

I helped her a couple of time clearing out tons of old things. My mom doesn't get the "you can't keep everything that ever belonged to your mother b/c she's gone now" speech. Whereas she's a packrat, I hold on to things for a time, but several times a year, I get rid of clothes, shoes, household items that no longer fit/run/worthy to be used/not used, etc and donate them/throw away, etc. I'm a big purger. It makes me feel good to get rid of excess stuff.

My mom moved to a smaller home out of state about a year ago, which did help her get rid of lots of stuff, which is good. I hope I always keep up my cycle of purging so that I don't leave a ton of stuff for others to have to get rid of when the time comes.

Carrie K

I went through the "keep the stuff that means something to you, but honor it with an actual place in your home - not stuffed into the garage in a plastic bag" speech to my mom this summer. We're genetic packrats, but it's not too bad. Well, the 70's backpacking stuff ought to GO but talk my Dad into that one......

What happened to Debbie happened almost to my mom & her sister, only they were actually there for the funeral, etc. Just that his widow got it all - all but what my aunt confiscated. Why did the ex need my grandmother's things? Or their childhood stuff? But she kept what she could, the evil witch.

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