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July 26, 2007





You've posted two days worth of incompetent doctor stories and you're freaking me out. When I was a kid, my parents had some book they had that the doctor filled out for each shot, etc. Kinda like a passport, I guess. They did some freebie book thing when Elena was a baby, but stopped when she turned two. I should ask for copies, just so I have them. Now you have me freaking out.

I hope it all works out and you tell that office off and switch to another.

Just went through my own version of lost medical records hell. You can get blood titers done for most of the vaccinations and can prove immunity that way - the schools accept it. It still means that the kids need a blood draw, but it is way cheaper than additional vaccinations, not to mention less stressful to the immune system. Another thought would be to check the dates that the charges for all vaccinations were sent to your insurance company - somehow the doctor's office seems to get it right when it comes to billing.

The other option is homeschooling. Good luck


Whoa. Catching up on bloglines, and reading two different scary doctors tales! I just can't believe you're bad luck. And so glad you found a good dentist. I can only say I dearly hope you can get this straightened out with the shots, hopefully without even a blood draw. Is reporting this office an option? Or at least bad word of mouth. They should have NO clients!

And another thing "Ariaaaaannnnnnn, Ariaaaannnnnnn" :)


And I thought the run around I get at UPenn is bad!There is no excuse for your doctor's office. Does he/she know?I've dealt with some pretty crazy staff behaviour over the years.
There are several new immunizations out there for kids. Menactra(to prevent meningitis)and a boooster for pertussis (whooping cough).A girl in my daughter's HS had whooping cough last year.


You know what gets me as much as the incompetence? The attitude. How about a little apology, admitting to the mistake - anything? "Gee, Mama??" How about "MRS. Doug, we are so dreadfully sorry for what has happened. Unfortunately, we must ask for your help with whatever records you've kept and will certainly see that this will never happen again." So sorry, Bron. Hopefully your search for their records will be quick and fruitful and you can move on to an office that works as it should.


Deneen - I had little books too for both boys but once in awhile I'd forget to bring them when we had a shot appt. I finally got entire histories written out for both boys. I kept a copy of Colin's before giving it to the school, but I gave the original to the school in Dylan's case, reasoning that the Dr. had the information! I'll never make that mistake again. I'll keep copies of EVERYTHING for myself.

Hey Anonymous - Homeschooling at this late date isn't an option, but one I considered when the kids were little! No - there won't be blood tests, if I can't get a copy of Dylan's shot records from the school (it's scary depending on the school system for vital information!) then the Dr's office will bloody well take my word for it & write in the stuff that's missing.

But thanks for the insurance tip! I never, ever thought of checking with them & it makes perfect sense!!!

Cyndy - Yes, he knows. In the past I've been told "staff has been fired" but it's a small, 3 person operation so the buck really does stop at the doctor's door. But he's so "old school" and full of himself (we disliked him intensely for years but since the kids were rarely sick I was lazy about changing doctors) he'll never admit mistakes were made.

Colin had the Menactra but not Dylan. It was only approved for 11 year olds a year and a half ago. I'll check if it's been expanded to other ages. I know some pediatricians went ahead & gave it to all age levels, but out Dr. is "by the book."

Colin can't have a pertussis vaccine (severe reaction to his first) but Dylan DID have the booster. That's another thing I need to make sure they write down! Grrrrrr.

Paula - I know! All I got from her was, "Well, the records are lost." No apologies, no assurance, NO HELP AT ALL.

I don't think I've ever been so incensed. I wouldn't be this angry over losing my own medical records but since it's my children they're messing with.....well. You don't mess with my kids! ;)


I totally know how you feel, my doctor did the exact same thing to me and this was the doctor who brought me into this world! Lost my whole entire history of everything. I had to get all my childhood shots again! The history of the medical problems I had when I was younger everything!
He got more than a piece of my mind I can tell you that!
Good luck, I feel you pain.


I can understand that mistakes happen. Frustrating, irritating, horrible! But nonetheless mistakes happen. But to then turn around and blame you or act snippy toward you? That's the completely unacceptable part. It happened to me with an insurance billing snafu, and the doctor tried to charge me for $115 that they neglected to send to the insurance. No, I'm not going to pay it because I have insurance. But the woman was so hell bent on being right and me being wrong that they sent me to a collection agency. I don't understand why people can't be more humble. "I'm sorry, this is unfortunate and all our fault, here's what we'll do to fix it for you." It seems like common sense to me!
I hope things get worked out!


Our doctor doesn't have a record of my oldest's, either. However, to be fair, I also can't find my records, so I need to go to his OLD school and see if they keep the records on kids that previously attended. Only problem is, I keep forgetting to do so.


Hugs Bron - that's beyond inexcusible.

::Attachment:: A hot caramel banana split with Philadelphia style vanilla bean icecream...

Whaether you wat it or pour it over the heads of the idiots in the soctor's office is up to you :)


That's terrible. I agree with Paula that the woman who called you should have been more professional with the news and asked for your assistance in replicating their records. Chances are that the records were misfiled and are probably in someone else's file. They should go through each and every file looking for them.
Yep, time for a new doctor.
You lead such an exciting life!

Have a great day everyone!


Damn that sucks and really to not have sympathetic staff to deal with is just adding insult to injury. Ridiculous!

Kathy W

I've been working hard for the past 8 months to lose weight and bring my cholesterol and blood sugar numbers to normal levels. My last blood work, I did it. Did the doctor congratulate me? Noooo. She wanted me to take another, more expensive blood test that my insurance company probably wouldn't pay for because "the numbers were probably deceptive and a better blood test would show that my results weren't really as good as they seemed."

I don't think so.

This is the doctor that sends me to specialists for my arthritis and fibromyalgia instead of just giving me the meds that I need.



This happened to me too. I needed to send all my records to Boston to start the transplant process, but my pediatrician's office has NO record of me going there. Poof, 20 some odd years of medical records, GONE. Boston has been understanding about it, and from what I understand, despite my lack of immunization records, they can test you for it- meaning, they can take a blood test, and it can be tested to see if you have the immunity thingie. I know, technical medical language there. It's how they find out if the Hepatitis B shots worked or not anyway.


When you change doctors, write these people a letter letting them know why you changed and how unbelievably incompetent they are and how patronizing the nurse was to a client. Most verbal complaints can get covered up, but a letter might hit the spot. It might not of course, but it will make you feel better. :o)


I agree with Terri--but I'd go further and send copies of the letter to any hospitals with which he's affiliated and the local medical society. This is inexcusable--not only losing the records but putting it on you. Mixing up their medical histories, though, might be the most dangerous thing they've done. Keep copies of everything you manage to reconstruct and find a doctor you can trust! And then find a way to treat yourself as a reward. This must be soooooooo stressful!

Carrie K

Oh yeah, that's insult to injury. What was to be gained by being snotty, other than further antagonizing you? I hope the boys don't need to get the shots again!

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