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July 23, 2007



It looks great, Bron! :) I love that yarn, and it really does look like you intentionally had the purple at the yoke. :)


It's really cute! You really do knit fast (or have way more time to knit than I do)!! It looks great. I haven't bought any Love It though I've wanted to try it, and it's because of the price. It also seems to have been discontinued after only one season. Maybe if they'd priced it better . . . And about LYSes. So many people seem to love theirs. There are four I can think of near me. One store I won't go back to because the owner clearly wants me out of there once I say I can't wear wool. One near my office thinks that $14 is an acceptable price for a pair of straight needles. And then there are two that are okay, kind of small, and I go in there once in a while to see if I see anything different, and if I needed lessons, I'd probably be a better customer. . . . Well, if WEBS were my LYS, I'd probably be there all the time!


Bob looks fantastic!!!


Very Nice sweater! Looks great on you too. BTW, you are looking fabulous!

Yep, my son received his HP book on Saturday too. Glad I pre-ordered it for him.

Have a great day everyone!


Your sweater looks awesome! Ihave this patternprinted out to try!


Bob looks great! I love the striping.

I am so with you on the price of yarn. I don't make many sweaters for myself and one reason is how much it would cost to make myself (as a plus size). I always end up talking myself out of it.


I love the sweater, especially the yoke. It sure looks planned to me.

I so appreciate your "rant" about LYS's. I just had an experience last week at my local yarn shop and I don't think I'll go back. I just can't afford those prices. Our income is extremely limited and if StuffMart is all I can afford, then I'm not going to give up knitting just because of that.


I agree, I am very thrifty with my yarn purchases. I do still spend money on yarn, but I tend to buy things on sale/discounted or discontinued prices. I've always been a bargain shopper, but like to get quality items. The Lucy in the Sky is very pretty and looks great on you. That said, the price per skein would keep me from buying it. I'm glad you are pleased with the finished result. It was quite fortuitous that the purple ended at the top and purple looks really good close to your face. The variegation of this yarn turned out really nicely and just looks sorta wide stripes, but in a good way, nothing wrong with this one at all. No flashing or pooling either, which is pretty good.


Beautiful Bob!! I agree with you on the LYS/budget rant. It seems we are in a similar position. I actually have some great LYS in my area and also am fortunate to have some disposable income for my favorite hobby, but at the rate I knit I simply couldn't afford to only go into LYS! And that article is ludicrous on many levels! Only $20???


I love Bob (no pun intended). I always have those issues with yarn and final cost and ask myself, "would I pay such and such for a maybe?"


Highly excellent rant, Bron! That was before I found your blog. I echo your sentiments. I used to find more helpful, friendly service at my big, pink local Yarn Barn (RIP) than I can find now at the nearest (1.5 hrs) snooty, rude and waaaayy overpriced LYS. They apparantly feel that anyone who isn't prepared to knit a $150 sweater probably shouldn't be knitting. Okey dokey.
Eventually this current "knitting craze" will be over, and the craft will be left to those of use who loved knitting before it was "in." And the newer knitters who love it just because they love it, and not because it's au courant. Maybe then prices will be more in line with actual value. You think?
Till then, I shop at ebay, Elann, LittleKnits, sometimes Etsy.
And, by the way, Bob is gorgeous. Really beautiful. And I think your neckline looks even more comfortable and flattering than the original! Getting to be quite the designer, aren't you?


Bob looks great. You are still the fastest knitter I know and always have me baffled! I just do not know how you get it all done! I just finished tunic tank and it took me forever. Perhaps I got bored, or sidetracked...
Love your rant, agree totally! Being a Goddess, my patterns require more yarn, which means more moolah. Quite frankly, that's why I typically knit and crochet for others!
Hugs and kudos to you! Also thanks for adding BOB to my pattern stash and to do list!

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