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July 22, 2007



Well said. I spent yesterday driving to the Poconos and back (3 hours each way)with daughter #2 reading silently beside me.Augh.It was visitng day at my son's camp. I don't think saying that I needed to stay home and read was going to cut it!


I didn't jump on the HP bandwagon til Elena started bugging me-I've seen all the movies and up to book 4-so I am sure I will know the ending before I can get to reading the rest of them-too many spoilers online and such.

They're fun reads-and if it's "wrong" to some people, so be it.


I managed to read the whole thing yesterday, and I really loved it. I thought she did a fabulous job with it.

And ITA re: great literature.


Cyndy - Luckily the book came out on a weekend that Doug was working & the kids were occupied. Ah - sweet reading time!

Deneen - Yeah, the only thing is, those people who think it's wrong have enough clout to get the book banned in school & libraries. That's censorship and that's wrong. The true evil will always be religious fanaticism, in whatever guise you find it...and in any religion too.

Deb - Yeah, I was pleased & surprised at how well she managed the story & how it would make most people happy. I'm really in awe of her talent & the way she managed to weave all the story lines together so deftly.


Can't wait to read it! I didn't get in on a pre-order or anything, but I'll get it soon. I agree with you about "great literature". And to all the poo-poo'ers, how can it anything that gets kids to read en masse be bad. If it was that bad, so many adults wouldn't enjoy reading it. It's almost as thought for anything that a large group of people hold up and enjoy, there will be those that want to come in and tear it down! Funnily, the technical editor at my office has an english degree and formerly taught english. While we agreed JK uses WAY TOO many adverbs, she taught the books in her class and she found it was a great tool because of all the "lessons" and different personalities present.

Kari- WillBlog4Yarn

Very well said.


I'm right there with you Bron. :o) Haven't finished HP yet as I'm limiting it to bed time reading (too many other necessities filling my waking hours unfortunately), but I am enjoying it.

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