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July 24, 2007



Good luck with the dentist. Fortunately, I've never had (knock on wood) dental problems, hubby has. I get my teeth cleaned every six months and other then that, I'm good.


I've had bad experiences with dentists, too (although I think your stories top mine hands down). We need a new dentist now (and the kids REALLY need to be seen), but of the people I've asked who have good dentists, most aren't taking new patients, and others are much farther than I want to drive. Not to mention the fact that hunting down a place and making appointments are just about the hardest things in the world for me to do (my hair ends up so long it's unruly after almost every hair cut for the same reason... I just can't get myself to CALL and make a new appointment). ARGH!


Auto mechanics and dentists = "make work practioners"!! They make more work for themselves by doing shoddy work in the first place. I do have to say though, I have a good dentist NOW and never had a second-rate mechanic. Lucky me!!

Andrea (noricum)

My, you've had bad luck with dentists! I hope the current one is much better!

I'm not sure about the off-the-shoulder tops, but the second cardi looks quite nice. (When lengthened, of course!) Watch out you don't catch any knitting-warts. ;)


Good luck with the dentist. I've never had those problems. I guess I've been fortunate with dentists. Yikes, here's hoping there's no problems today.

I did see the Jean Moss book, but not enough things in the book made me want it. I'll probably see you knit something and then want it! Isn't that the way it always goes?
I do love designs by Bonne Marie. I only held off on Ariann b/c I was working on a cardigan that was in one piece and I was sort of sick of the not in-the-round aspect of it, so I put off starting Ariann, but I know once I start it, I will love it.

This winter, I've really got to try to get a couple more pullovers in though. I feel like I've got a humongous queue of cardis.


Knitted warts? ROFL Too funny!

We have 2 dentists here, so there isn't much of a choice unless one wants to travel out of town. I'm amazed at how many people go to the dentist and just want him to extract the problem tooth. Yikes!

In a small town business professionals have to be good at what they do or they will be out of business in a hurry. Word of mouth travels very fast!

Have a great day everyone!


I like the first and third patterns. Off the shoulders is so not me.
My dentist recently built a new office and bought a few hundred acres for "hunting." I figure I contributed greatly to the purchase of both.
I missed commenting on your LYS rant. I've never been to one because the nearest is in OKC. Online, Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby are my main sources for yarn. I've often wondered if that's why so many people seem to knit hats, scarves, and shawls from the higher priced yarn. Those would be the only things I could afford to make from the expensive yarns.


Ariann is beautiful! I second you on the dentist...yucko.

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