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July 08, 2007



Maybe blocking it will help a bit but I say wait and see after you finish the next repeat. It's lovely though, even not quite finished. :o)


How strange! I'm not sure where the repeat starts, but it looks like the picture (of the pattern) has 3 repeats and then another squidgy line or some other pattern before the cast off? Seeing yours in progress makes me reconsider that pattern!


Eh, Jillian - I'm glad you mentioned that squiggly line. There's a mistake in the chart and I forgot to correct for it during the second pattern repeat. Sigh. I need to rip back & correct it so I have a garter ridge on the second pattern repeat.

Julie - Waiting is a good idea, but that last pattern repeat has all the decreases in it so I didn't want to have to rip to add another 12 rows.

I'm starting to understand why I put this one on the back burner! LOL


I *think* it will be okay, but I'm not positive. You could add a lifeline so that it's at least easier if you do need to rip.


It sure is pretty, though! Where is the pattern from?

One thing I just noticed, there seems to be more material under the arms... on yours, the lace repeat seems to start nearly at the armhole, but in the photo, there's a stretch under the arm where the lace repeats don't touch. (Am I making any sense?) Hmmm... never mind... it looks like there's more material in your project that simply rolled under.

I recommend putting it on waste yarn (or not, since you have to rip part of a repeat anyway due to that pattern mistake), pinning the area around the armpits, and trying it on that way... see if it makes a difference in the look. It does look as if the last lace repeat plus the garter stitch does make a lot of difference. Get one of your kids to take the photo with you standing straight, and doodle on top of the image where the last repeat and garter stitch will end, to see if it looks right that way. (Or send it to me, and I'll doodle for you.)


Hmmm. I think maybe-just maybe the model is wearing a small size which might be why the yoke looks "long" on her.
I agree with Andrea that it seems from the picture that there is an inch or so of underarm stockinette before the yoke begins.
It is a beautiful pattern. You are so clever & smart, you will figure it out!

Have a great day everyone!


Good call, Andrea - I had exactly the same thought about waste yarn & trying it on when I was talking about ripping back. :) I'll do it this morning because I'd like to see if this is even a style I'd LIKE, let alone whether I need to modify it.

Margaret - It's the way the side seams/sleeve seams are sewn together that gives the extra bit of knitting under the arm that you see in the picture. It's there on my sweater, just not showing yet. :)


I hope you feel better soon. Sore throats suck and for me end up being the pre-sickness to the really bad cold.

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