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June 23, 2007



I'm willing to bet you should stop now. More often than not when the "knitting spidey-sense" comes up, it's correct. I find the designer comment interesting because tighter gauge does not equal drapability in my mind - I think firmer fabric with less drape.

While I've recently come to appreciate Stargate Atlantis, I'm totally torked at them for killing off Carson. What were they thinking?


I was sleepless last night, too and got the whole left front of Askew knitted.

Back to your question, there is an article on Knitting Daily about the Tomato pattern and how it should be knit with negative ease and that the cotton organic yarn is stretchy.

Then again, you have an inner knitter instinct like none other. Since I am all for torture, if it was me I would knit up the front just to see and then judge, but that is my sometimes time consuming and useless method.


Follow your gut! but its a pretty color! i love those dish cloths!


If you really don't like the fabric, I would think going up 1 size wouldn't make a world of difference for the fabric, but it would be more difficult to watch the fit :(

I watched the SG-1 finale but not the Atlantis one yet. I still liked the show after Jack left, finding it still to be one of the better shows on, but it wasn't the same. We were disappointed Jack's character didn't show up on the finale.


Love the colour...yummy! And I'd say trust your instinct, when was the last time it let you down? As for tighter gauge = more drape...nah, that's so not logical.


Yes, yes, trust the Bron Instinct. A denser knit would be oh-so-hot and probably stand up by itself. So, go with the bigger needles.

Pretty garden. It's so nice to appreciate & enjoy someone else's hard work. What a blessing!

Have a great day everyone!


Thanks for weighing in, everyone!

Maybe it's our hot weather: I'm sitting here in 96 degree heat (outside at least!) thinking, "Holy cow, this sweater is going to be heavy & HOT!"

I'm thinking I'll put this on stitch holders & re-knit with size 9 needles. Just to "see." (And no - I'm NOT calling it a swatch! Bite your collective tongues!!!)


I agree... it hasn't been the same since Jack left (although I've still enjoyed it... and I'd have been happy to have kept watching new episodes for a long time to come).

It was particularly bad because they completely messed up that season finale/next season premier/rest of the story thing when they had Sam leave Pete for Jack and supposedly Jack was leaving the Air Force to be with Sam, but they never were together after that.

I was also disappointed with the series finale. It would have made a decent episode (although some of the logic really failed to realistic test), and maybe even a season finale, but it was a poor series finale. They didn't wrap up any of the ongoing story lines, and the end of it left with the impression of "And they continued on and had many more adventure, but we're just not going to tell you any of them."

I could go on, but that's probably enough of a rant for the time being :)


Please pardon all the typos and wrong words I entered there... I guess my brain was racing way ahead of my fingers.


Daylilies - my favorite! And I do seem to knit with a lot of daylily colors.


So many people are on to the Tomato top. it's very pretty, and you've got a good start.


You might want to email the designer about it, just a thought. I'm of two minds a/b your question. On the one hand, tighter gauge does not equal to more drape, imo. But I know this patttern is supposed to be fitted, so some negative ease is accounted for in this pattern. How that affects the yarn being knit at a tighter gauge to give more drape is beyond me. Also, reading Grumperina when she was designing Tivoli/Picovoli, I think, she said that she found that knitting with cotton, she had to knit it at a tighter gauge than normal, so that the garment didn't sag with wear/washing. So all of that to say, i really don't know. I might email Wendy too to get a different perspective.

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