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June 25, 2007



Pretty deep today, eh Bron? I believe everything you do-there aren't any accidents in life and things happen for a reason, good and bad and it's how you run with it then that counts. I also think positive feelings about health won't heal you, but it helps your total state to be positive. I also think the more negative you are, the more you obsess about something, it'll eventually happen-you bring it on yourself.

We had the same thing with our house. We looked at several houses, but I never had that "good" vibe I anticipated getting, til this house. We got the phone call it had just been put on the market and did we want to look at it that night, before the sign went up. As soon as we pulled in, I knew (but tried to contain myself). It needed some work, but all in all, move in condition-had the property we wanted, size we wanted-not a "dream house", but exactly what we wanted. We didn't even dicker price-we just said "We'll take it". We had just put our house on the market a few days before and were worried because it was small, it wouldn't sell fast-the people selling the house we were in were buying a condo that wasn't built and said "you have up to six months if you want"-our house sold a few days later and within 4 weeks, we were in the house-it all fell into place (not as crazy ass as your move, but we were freaking a little).

I'm gonna check out that book.

Pretty yarn BTW, nice for your coloring.


I firmly believe in the whole "if you think negatively, negative things happen to you" idea. I used to have a very negative attitude, and a self destructive thing going on as well.

One day things just went to heck, in a bad way. I up and moved to AZ and as I was driving there from TX I made some hard decisions about my life. On that drive I decided I needed to change my attitude about things, that maybe somehow I was bringing all this bad stuff to me with my negativity. It wasn't easy, but I eventually changed my attitude to a much more positive one.

Suddenly better things were happening. Over the next 5 years I got it together and suddenly I had a much better life. Sure, crap still happens, but I don't let it get me down much. There's nothing I can't handle (might need to cry a bit or rant a bit first but I can still deal!)

Not only were "things" better, but I'm happier in general. It took time, at first I had to work at being more positive but mostly now it's just natural =)


I think that will be an excellent pairing of yarn and pattern!


Hmm, i may have to check out that book. Love the yarn and the pattern!


I haven't read the secret, not really that into the whole thing. I do believe that positive energy begets positive actions. Although as you state, I don't believe positive energy will take care of cancer or other medical treatments alone. I wouldn't mind getting the book just to read it. My bf saw the Oprah show with the Secret and he was really into it, but said it was common sense things and thinking, but more of a refresher for him on certain things. And the Secret does mimic a lot of churches (esp. those mega churches) that if you believe and follow in God, you will be blessed monetarily, which is so not how I was raised. That type of theology doesn't sit well with me at all. And then my mom wonders why I don't proclaim myself a Christian, hmm?

Anyhow, I just finished working on my Ballet Cami using KP Shine Sport. This yarn is yummilicious. I loved knitting with it, so soft. That sand color doesn't look like sand, but caramel to me too. Such a good color for you and might be one for me too. I love some earth tones, but chocolate brown is pretty blah on me (brown on brown) but this pretty color would be nice. And I liked that sweater too, but hadn't considered what yarn. My next KP order (who knows when that will be, may be the Shine Sport).


Thanks for all the thoughtful responses. :) I'm glad you all didn't think I was too "woowoo" for words. LOL

Wanda - Darling! You're the commenting Queen today! I'm glad to hear the review of Shine Sport - I've never knit with it before and I trust your judgment. I think the "sand" (caramel) would look gorgeous on you. I think it will brighten both our complexions. :)

Carrie K

Ouch. I understand where the idea is coming from, and positive thinking is much better in the long run than negative thinking, but what about babies born with birth defects? Their parents didn't think enough happy thoughts?


Carrie - No philosophy/religion covers random acts of biology. That's why I say that positive thinking is great...along with the best modern medicine money can buy!

The gal does say that if you're fat you should avoid looking and/or thinking about fat people or being fat. Envision yourself thin & you will be.

Let me go order a triple malt & try out that theory! LOL

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