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June 28, 2007



It's good to hear you're finally getting the money from the deadbeat. And getting the full amount without having to go through the slow garnishment process. That can take a long time and it never seems like you really got the money since so little comes in each time.

I'm really hankering to make that Pacific Waves shawl. Just need to make up my mind to get started. Oh, and find some yarn in my stash.


Congratulations that the long saga is over and that you stuck to your guns and are getting what you should have received in the first place! Now who in their right mind is lending to these losers who couldn't/wouldn't even pay their rent????

Amy Boogie

Hooray for the end of the saga. It's pretty sad that the mortgage guy tried to talk you into settling for less when they had were prepared to pay more. I suppose that's business these days though. Still I'm glad you held out and you're getting all your money back!






So glad to hear that this is all going to be taken care of so quickly! Now you can sit back and enjoy your summer with one less thing to worry about.

That Pacific Waves shawl is a monster for sure! I just about lost all sanity when I got down to the bottom of the pattern and the next instruction was to go back and do it all again!


Congratulations!!!! So nice to know that you got it done and the guy had to pay. Now, sit back, relax, enjoy your summer and your beautiful new house. Great news!
Sheri in GA


Hooraaaaay! I'm doing a happy dance for you! And kudos to Doug for being assertive with the sleazy mortgage guy.


I just love happy endings. Chalk one up for the good guys!
But I find it hard to believe that anyone would be willing to loan that deadbeat money for anything let alone a home. The nerve of that loan officer trying to talk you into taking less.


YAY! love your progress. and i love those towels! its my favorite pattern!!


It's always nice when karma swings in your direction!



Yay! (Although I feel sorry for the suckers who get screwed on the morgage, which I'm sure will happen.)

I take it the morgage guy is not the one actually loaning the money, merely the one making it happen? (For a fee, I assume.)


Oh my gosh! I've never heard of a mortgage broker doing that kind of thing... trying to make a deal for a client on an outstanding judgment! Good for you for sticking it to them for the full amount! Yay! And for the mortgage company to roll it into the loan amount, that's something. They must be locked into a high interest rate with their (bad) credit. Now they are somebody else's problem.

Don't spend all the money in one place. hehe

Have a great day everyone!


YAYS! Good for hubby sticking to his guns! I'm so happy for ya'll!


This is wonderful news!! Yay!


Have been looking through your great blog. Am interested in the Cotton Ease section. Great sweaters.

I think my chest and yours are the same size--did you have to do a lot of adjusting patterns to use Cotton Ease? I have lots of it but didn't think I had enough -- Some of the sweaters you did look doable to me-- just checking to see if CE stretches out of shape or not.

I have not had very much luck knitting with cotton.

Thanks for your help. Pat


Hey that sounds like some awesome karma. I hope your state allowed you to tack on court costs and filing fees too so you didn't have to spare a penny for them. Congrats!

Carrie K

Hurray for the good guys winning! And perfect timing.


There are few things I like better in this world than to hear of justice being done. Hooray for Bron and Doug for staying the course!


Sometimes good things happen to great people! I'm glad that you stuck to your guns and that the mortgage company just wanted to get these people into a house. Good luck with them collecting, but nevertheless not your problem. Whew, that's a relief, I'm sure.

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