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April 20, 2007



Pretty pattern!

Now the serious stuff, it is so wrong what Colin is going through. What I can't understand is that his regular teacher knew she would be going out on leave, she can't be called out for her shitty lesson plans? I can understand one day, an emergency, all the teachers at Elena's school have an "emergency back up plan", but usually when they know they are going to be out, it's planned out well with handouts, etc, not just like "I'm gone, oh well". I get very, very frustrated when teachers are just "putting their time in" and really don't care and don't see the big picture. Bron, complain about it to the school board, there is no excuse for it at all.


Where is the principal in all this?? He or she bears a great deal of responsibility for the teacher's and subs' preparation/behaviour.


I agree with the other first thought is how this teacher can be made accountable for when (if) she comes back? Get the principal to sub the class!

Cute cozy :)


I'm always upset when I learn someone from my profession behaves this way. I'm mean she's known for several months that she was going to be gone, and she had plenty of time to prepare. It's teachers like her that make it difficult for our profession to be treated with more respect.
Poor Colin, but you've got to admire a kid who's willing to make up the lost material this summer. I hope you and Doug are good at math.


Very commendable that Colin is willing to go the extra mile with his math this summer. What a good learning ethic! Good for him! Not many children would be willing to do that on their own.

That teacher (if you want to call her that) should be fired. Apparently she has no interest in her work. Doesn't a teacher realize that what she teaches or doesn't teach affects her students for the future?? She sounds apathetic.

Love the way your crochet is turning out. Way pretty!

Have a great day everyone!


Pretty pattern!

If you weren't already busy with packing and moving, I'd suggest working with Colin on his math now rather than later (since you have the text now, at least)...

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