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April 24, 2007


Lisa In Oregon

Wowza...things are movin' FAST!

Too funny, I was browsing around and saw that shawl yesterday and thought "hey! I like that!" Then I reminded myself I don't wear shawls and with that cast on amount...I'd be nutso when I was done...just funny it's the same one!


I love that shawl too!

Nice way to celebrate your 17th!


The shawl is gorgeous...would take me forever to finish it though! 541! Ugh!

Can not wait to see the finished looks interesting right now to say the least!

Wow! The house is moving along quickly!


Woohoo! Congrats =) How you find time for all this fiber work with all you have going on is beyond me lol. My yarn misses me, but I just don't have the energy yet!


The shawl is gorgeous, but I can't imagine me trying to cast 541 stitches. It would be lovely to own one, though.
The house closing would be a great way to celebrate your anniversary. What an anniversary present!


Well, I've printed out the pattern. What am I thinking? I just finished one ginormous shawl and now I'm getting ready to start another! I've seen the pattern a couple of times and have been tempted. Then this morning I found some suitable yarn, in my stash of all places, and decided it was a sign from Bron that I should get started.

I don't envy you the move to the new home. But I do envy the home itself. It's going to be so much fun, and work, to get it set up just the way you want. Looking forward to pictures of your progress.


Friday!! Holy cow! Good luck with the closing and your people :D

I bookmarked that pattern, I love it! It is now on the top of my very long list of things to do


I loved that shawl when I first saw it, too. I even liked it in the colorway they chose... from a distance, anyways. The closeup they show of the ball shows that the green in it is rather putrid, so I doubt I'd be happy with it in that colorway. They have a few other colorways that are alright (although none that scream at me and say "Pick me! Pick me!"


Add my name to the list of people who saw that shawl and want to make it. *wink* I even have the yarn and if I remember correctly I bought it from you! haha Yes, it helps to keep yarn in one's stash for just the right pattern. Yarn doesn't always talk but patterns sure do! ROFL

Yikes! Closing Friday and no one called you! Wow, but you will be enjoying your new home sooner. Think of the fun shopping on your day off. And you probably didn't know what you were going to do with a day off. haha

Have a great day everyone!

Sharon Plavnick

This is like my Which Way shawl, where I cast on 600-plus stitches. But it went DOWN as I progressed. Which I like far better than starting out with a few stitches and ending up with gazillions. It's a gorgeous it.


See- If I were a real masochist, I'd suggest a KAL. But I'm enough of a realist to know that if I DO start the shawl, I'll put it down often to make other, faster projects! Definitely not KAL material. :)

However, you all HAVE tipped the scales to it's favor. I'll be ordering the yarn today!

Larry - "A sign from Bron" :::snicker::: You always make me laugh.

Carrie K

Happy (early) anniversary! And awesome about the closing, although scarily quick! That shawl is cute. 541 stitches? Ha. You knit nine times that in a day.

That crochet scarf! You're tempting me with crochet, aren't you?

That octopus dishcloth looks verra cool. Is that from one of your old mags?


541 stitches????? OMG! Good luck with the house closing on Friday. I have everything crossed for you...


It's all in the timing Bron. :o) Sounds like an exciting time ahead.

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