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March 24, 2007



YES!!! So glad to read this post. I absolutely hate when bad people win out over good people. HOORAY that it didn't happen this time!!

I hope you and both of your boys have a fabulous spring break.


Hooray!! I almost can't believe it turned around like that. I'm such a cynic, I was sure they'd get away with it. Yes - yay for parents and strong kids!

Your hotpad is adorable!


Yes!! Sometimes the right thing does happen.


Amen to that! Those officers need more training in people skills if you ask me. So glad they apologized and admitted that they handled the situation poorly. So glad the parents held those officers accountable. Horray for parents!

Love that potholder. I have that pattern and it is my favorite. Think I have made at least 100 of them. LOL

Have a great day everyone!


Oh, HOORAY on the school situation. I was sure nothing would be done in the end (I have little faith in other people taking up my causes, no matter how valid).

I love the potholder... where did you find the pattern?


Yay parents and kids!


Enjoy spring break...I have a week to go. I hope the rest of the school year is going to go smoothly for you, I hate the lack of communication and accountability that I see in school. I don't have to deal with anything like the stuff you described but it is still frustrating that minor bad behaviour is 'allowed' to develop into something worse...omg, I didn't want to rant!

I love your spiral hotpad, that is adorable.


I can't believe we got satisfaction either. I'm a pessimist about these types of situations. The little guy almost never wins. But this time nice guys DIDN'T finish last!


I'm REALLY glad it all worked out! Great news. :o)


Where did you get the pattern for the pinwheel hotpad? I like it!

I'm glad the situation at school worked out. Our son was bullied in school, and fortunately, the admin worked with everyone, and it stopped.


I'm so happy everything worked out at school Bron. Dylan must be happy too that he doesn't get a bad taste in his mouth when he thinks of cops.

I love your dishcloth and particularly your pinwheel hot pad; love the white and red. Love your new wool purchases too. Those colours really are super springy.

I heard on the news last night that New Mexico is getting a lot of tornadoes and hoping that you are fine.

Enjoy your week off :) Hope you have a wonderful time.


I'm glad things turned out well. The pinwheel dishcloth is cute.

Hi I just love your pinwheel hot pad and have made three and cannot figure out how to put them together. It makes a beautiful hot pad but I just don't understand the directions. Is there somewhere that will show me how to put them together? What patterns did you use? I would love to try another one in case this one is different from the one that I did. I sure would appreciate any help that you might could give me.

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