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March 22, 2007



The cardi is gorgeous!

How rotten that Dylan was treated like that! I'm glad he stuck to his guns like he did. Sending lots of positive energy his way. This is a tough situation for him. I hope it gets resolved and the other kid gets expelled. Good luck Dylan! Doing the right thing is never wrong kiddo!


That looks beautiful on you, nice job.

As for the cop and Dylan, I would definitely say something. I am not anti-cop, but I have to say, I think they use their authority much too aggressively a lot of the time (there, was this tactful?). I have very little respect for anyone who feels they can bully a kid!


Yeah - I've decided that I'll tell them they can't interview Dylan again without me being there. They can damn well come get me out of class for it!


Beautiful!! You did a great job!


Your cardi is lovely Bron! It fits perfectly!

When I read Dylan's story, my jaw literally dropped. Anyone that feels it is alright to bully a child, especially because of their job, should be fired. What an a**. So glad you're going to be with him for the next round. Good job Dylan for sticking up for yourself!!!


Ooooo! That treatment of Dylan has me steaming mad! But I'll stop here, so things don't end up turning ugly in the comments.

The cardi looks great!


Man, that is crazy about the cop thing.

I love the Doris top! Let me know how the Lily wears.


That was just plain wrong to bully Dylan. Poor Dylan! How is Dylan responsible for what another child does? Dylan was the victim!!! No child should be interviewed without a parent being present. Not positive, but I think it is illegal to do that since Dylan is a minor.

Your cardi is superb and looks great!!!

Have a great day everyone!


Your cardi is so cute! Makes me wanna learn to crochet!

Your middle school stories are really scaring me! I might have to home school through the middle school years!

Karen Carter

Beautiful Bron!


Pretty, pretty cardi!

I really admire you for keeping your calm re: the treatment of Dylan. Don't know if I could be as cool (and I think you're doing the right thing).


I feel so sorry for Dylan, Bron, not being taken seriously. I wouldn't let it go. I think Dylan has to know that in his future, he will be able to seek help from the police and that they will follow through. Otherwise, where will he go for help when he needs it.

Some cops have lots of personal problems which include going for anger management courses. I dated a police officer for 2 years and he was like a ticking time bomb just ready to go off. His fellow officers had to remove him from his kid's home because he was being overly aggressive in slapping them and beating them up. He threw his ex-wife across the room in a fit of anger. Hoping anger management helped him.

I would ask the police officers to come back and re-interview the kids with you being present Bron. They will be able to tell in the next interview how Dylan's story is not changing and how his story is consistent with what he said the first time.

jan the way...I love your new cardigan. It's gorgeous and looks terrific on you :)


Cute cardi. Very, very cute. ; )

That's just wrong the way they're handling things at school. A Columbine-type incident was VERY narrowly averted in Green Bay -- arrests have been made, weapons recovered -- and it was a student, someone who got caught up in it and (thankfully) finally came to his senses, who went to the authorities. What's going on there, how your son (and the others?) are being treated... it absolutely blows my mind.


The lacy cardi looks great. It's painful to hear of the goings-on at school; can't that officer be reported to a higher-up?


The cardi looks great, and I am so thankful the pattern worked out. Third time was charm for the Lily yarn.
Poor Dylan. It took a lot of courage for Dylan and his friends to file those complaints, and then have to put up with that from an officer. No wonder kids don't report things more often.


Your cardi looks wonderful. Patrick was given the wrong book from the LYS, so the book drama continues...

Sorry your son had such a negative experience for doing the right thing. Hopefully, this won't discourage him in the future.

I think a chat with some school officals about that officer is in order.


How awful that Dylan was treated that way by the police. I hope everything works out for the best with that situation--what a difficult thing to have to deal with.

I love the cardigan--it looks terrific on you!

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