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March 03, 2007



I was just on that site last week and eyeing the sportsweight cotton. Now I can say I know someone ordered from them-thanks for the review.

Karen Carter

Wow, I've known about this company for somethime, but never ordered anything from them, but I'm marching right on over to get a closer look see! Thanks Bron.


I just ran across them 2 or 3 days ago, I almost ordered a few cones for my own kitchen but something held me back (mostly uncertainty over what colors to get!) Now that I've read your review though, when I'm sure about colors, I will definately go with them! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Lisa in Oregon

Someone (I have no clue who, was it you Bron??) said recently that Peaches & Cream had the best color selection, but they felt Sugar & Cream was a nicer yarn.... What do you think? Personally, I love Lion cotton...but their color selection is pitiful compared to the peaches & Cream!


Thanks Bron! Yes, have been to that site and looked around; your red is gorgeous and I might just order some. The S&C red is too dull; always thought so. Nice to know that the P&C red is a nice bright color. Thank you!


Wow, you are on a cotton craze! Cute butterfly. Can I have you as a partner? I like blue and butterflies.


I wish I could find cotton in colors like that! Here in the UK, some things are very hard to find. I love the butterfly! Very cute. :-)


Zuleika - I know what you mean. :) I was thrilled to find an online source for that cotton. No store will carry all the different colors - just basic ones.

And thanks - I really like the way the butterfly turned out too.

Margaret, Marvie, Karen & Deneen - I'm glad I could help! I felt I was taking a slight chance ordering from them but it really turned out well. :)

Lisa - Yeah, I was the one who said that about the two cottons. The Sugar & Cream really is softer, but someone commented that the Peaches & Cream held up better to repeated washing & drying. So I'm thinking giong with the P & C would be the better bet - especially with all the colors they offer!

I've never really used Lion Cotton, although I recently bought several skeins on clearance in hot pink so I'll definitely be trying it out for some washcloths!


I LOVE your rule list. I'm obsessing over classroom management right now for my upcoming classroom and that's been the one area that I feel will constantly need work.

I love the colorways you've picked up in P & C. My Walmart always carries the worst colors. I'm going to have to check into buying from your supplier.

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