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Projects Completed In 2007

  • Pineapple Pullover

  • Clay items - beads, etc.

  • Abi - Rowan Sweater

  • Several Beaded Necklace/Earring sets

  • Christmas Table Topper

  • Rhubarb (aka "Tomato") knit

  • Larger Than Life Bag - Crochet

  • Vogue Cardi #19 - Knit

  • Summer Bag - crochet

  • Lucy in the Sky with Bob - Knit

  • Spiderweb Cardi - Crochet

  • Bianca's Jacket - Knit

  • Something Red - knit

  • Two tea cozies - one knit, one crochet

  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

  • Doris Chan's Lace Cardi - crochet

  • Nantucket Jacket

  • Fish Bath Mat

  • Crocheted Triangles Purse

  • More dishcloths than one person should EVER make

  • Fountain Lace Cardi - Knit

  • 2 Knit & 1 Crocheted Calorimetries


  • Knitting Patterns Crochet Patterns by


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March 02, 2007


Lisa In Oregon

It's good to feel appreciated!

I'm surrounded by non-knitters at work...keep hoping I'll lure one of them in the world of fiber fetishes....mwhahahaha.... :) LOVE 6 feet under too!! Enjoy!


Yay for good days and being appreciated!


Laundry is supposed to be put away? I'm just thrilled if I get it washed so we have something clean to wear.


Put away laundry....are you really supposed to do that? LOL Isn't netflix wonderful??


I am having trouble sewing together the triangle purse. I dont quite understand about the stitches you are suppose to pick up. Can you help???


Good for you! That's great that you got some compliments. Although you don't "need" them, it's certainly nice to have others appreciate the handicraft that you do.


Awwww! Glad you had an awesome day! (Want another dog?)


What a great day - and what a lovely mug! I'll be very interested to hear your take on "The Prestige". We saw it a while back and it was the subject of much lengthy discussion chez nous :)


It does sound like a really good day. :o) Good for you. You deserve it. :o)


Thanks, everyone. :) It IS nice to get compliments once in awhile.

Andrea - Total bummer about your dog woes! I've been following your story closely. I truly wish I could help. Animals really are like children sometimes.

Robbyn - I'll be posting movie reviews next week, for sure!

And thank goodness there are others out there who are confused about the concept of laundry being put away! LOL I don't feel nearly so alone....

Lisa - You just never know when someone will be lured to the dark side. You keep trying!

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