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March 12, 2007



I have the Prestige waiting for me from Netflix. The husband read the book and loved it so we'll see how the movie fares.

I loved the Illusionist. I saw it in the theater and bought it the week it came out on DVD. I don't do that much anymore so that should give you some idea of how I feel about it;)


Great washcloth and hotpad! :) That Knit Simple looks cool too.


The Prestige didn't wow me either, but I found myself compelled by it anyways. My hubby, who saw it in the theater, described it as the best movie about obsession he's seen in a while. In that context, it's not bad. It's nothing like The Illusionist, which I would describe as a more traditional con film. As such, I liked it a little better; plus Edward Norton rocks!

And, the piggy hotpad is awesome. I think I might make that alien washrag, I've got some of that lime green Sugar 'n Cream. Too cute!


The Prestige was a superbly crafted film - well plotted, well told and with a top notch, A-list cast. But it was so grim and nasty in its portrayal of humam nature that I finished it in tears and never want to see it again.

Now I had been looking forward to The Illusionist, but I have to tell you I'm regarding it with some trepidation now!


I love doing dishcloths with the images on them....just ordered a book on more patterns like that.

Lisa in Oregon

love me a good vampire show, lol. I was quite enamored of the second (short lived) version of "Dark Shadows"...then we had the "here" channel (queer) for awhile and they have a similar thing "Dante's Cove" which is sooooo corny it hurts, lol. Thanks for the tip on a new series tho.... Wow have your boys gotten big!! :)


I love that Piggy Pad! Its darling.


That alien dishcloth is awesome. A set of those would be a great housewarming gift to the right person.


Really cute stuff. You've convince me to check out the new Knit Simple.


Love that little piggy dishcloth. Very very cute. I'm with you on the Dark Ages! Fascinating time period. Give me the Dark Ages over Medieval any day. ;o)


Nancy - thanks for the "Illusionist" recommendation. :) I'm glad to hear you loved it. I wish I'd have read "The Prestige" first - I think I would've enjoyed the book.

Beezie - Yes, the movie is definitely all about obsession, but (as Robbyn says) so grim that I found myself not caring much about the end of it all!

Lisa - You & me both! Vampires rock! LOL

Yeah - the boys really HAVE gotten big. Dylan's 6' 1" and Colin's getting right up there too.

Kimberly - Thanks! Pretty soon I'll have a barnyard!

Felicia - You're right. They are perfect sci fi/UFO people! And other odd ducks. ::Wink::

Lucy - The alien was my first like this and now I know I like the technique, I'm going to be making more! :)

Robbyn - You're right - the movie was unrelentingly dark. The truly depressing thing about it is that the side of human nature they showed is all too real. Sigh.

Vera - There really are some nice (simple!) patterns in that mag.

Terri - If only everyone knew how fascinating barbarian hordes can be. ::wink::


Oh, I just LOVE that pink tank with the cables. I all but cast on for it the other day...


I would love the pattern to the alien dishcloth can you point me to where I can find it?


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