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February 02, 2007



I didn't get a chance to comment yesterday, but please add me to the list of those who are sending support and positive energy your way for both situations.

Interesting about your tenant deserving the Oscar (well, perhaps just a Golden Globe since he started to sweat). People who behave like that need different life skills than the rest of us - acting is one of them. I hope for your sake just staying on him will resolve the issue.

The history course sounds like fun! Nice to have a little ray of sunshine in the middle of the stress.

Looking forward to the finished cardi. I'm really eyeing it as another project. Perhaps in CE for a basic garment - I've also got a Noro Chenille yarn in a wonderful multi-color. I understand crochet is good with chenille - helps with the "worms" - and I also think crochet brings out the beauty in variegated yarns.

Have a wonderful weekend!


So sorry that this guy has given you so much grief. I'd take a look at what legal recourse you have.

Looking forward to seeing the cardi.


Do we have the same tenants? Ours are asking for a 6 month extension to get their credit score up to qualify for a loan.

Note that we talked to them about buying the house LAST APRIL and they did NOTHING about it then. And now, when they have to be out by the end of the month, they are panicking because they will NEVER find a place as nice for what they are paying that will fit three adults and four kids.

Of course, in 6 months, selling season will be over.

These people lie like rugs.

By the way, I have two pemmies.


They are so full of CRAP! Stay firm, and if I can be so blunt, don't give an inch, they'll take a mile. People like that get what they deserve.


Oooo... those history courses sound like interesting knitting time! :)

Carrie K

He's lying. YOu can tell easily. Are his lips moving? See?

Renting is such an incredible hassle. People are crazy.

The Teaching Company? I love them! I picked up something from them for my Dad for Christmas and, for once, he actually used his present.

Cardi's are cute!


Check ebay for Early Middle Ages course before you pay full price from the catalog. Also, see if there are used copies on Amazon. Good luck with the tenant...sounds like you're gonna need it. :(

Willa Jean

To the coolest cracker I know!
At least your tenant is employed. You can garnish his wages and he knows it! It's been mentioned before, but be sure to document everything with pix or videos. And get detailed receipts - you know, this door $.$$. and this toilet $.$$. Otherwise some lame-o judge will tell you that you just wanted to upgrade the bathroom for no reason.
I know you guys are really smart, but you're also really stressed, so I personally would think it worth the money to get an hour of legal advice. That way you KNOW all your duckies are in a row.
About the kids .... my favorite nephew has a sky high IQ and ADHD. School was hell for him. Special Ed and gifted. How do you find the balance between challenged and over-burdened? They can break so easily at that age. I wish I could help.


I think you're right to be a bit cynical about what this guy says. Oh and I wouldn't be letting him back anywhere near the place again even if he says he has no where else to go. There is no excuse for trashing someone else's house and in my opinion, no second chances. To tell you to try not to worry about it is pretty silly, so I just hope you have a good weekend just the same. Lots of knitting eh?! :o)

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