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February 26, 2007


Lisa In Oregon

My kids are not big on testing's not just a good representaton of what they can do...just like me. I could be top of my class in college...until the tests. Knock me down to 2nd or 3rd every time.

Hey, I'm sending vibes to the Universe you get the testing time off. :) Lisa
PS, I finally got a couple of pics on my blog... :)


My daughter didn't test well either. *sigh* I agree, those things are a waste of valuable classroom time.

I bought a subscription to Crochet Today because I really like the magazine. So far so good.
I didn't renew my subscription to Crochet! not only because it was too "trendy" but I noticed that some of the patterns were repeats of patterns I have in other magazines! I thought the same company publishes other magazines and/or owns the rights to some other magazines which are no longer being published or in print.

Have a great day everyone!

Carrie K

Bianca's Jacket is going to look cute on you.

All that testing and we rank 26th in the world? What happened? We used to be one of the leading countries.

I did hear (on NPR) that (one guest opinion) it used to be the only field for women to work easily in (teaching)(or nursing) and that now that the workforce has opened up more, the really driven professional women are out there getting decently compensated and not drilling knowlege into students head. NOTE: He did say that that was no disrespect to current teachers who are probably just as driven today, it's just that there is more of a choice.


Ugh. I hear ya. Too bad el presidente got his great ideas from his home state - we test like nobody's business. Starting in 3rd grade - and it's a monster of a test (two actually - reading and math). Ours is a bit more spread out - we did one last week, one's right after spring break and then we have a week of testing in April - but only High Schoolers have a test everyday - the rest are make up days for us young'uns.
I wish we could can it all. We even give a standardized test to the Kindergarteners now.


Carrie - Testing is, after all, only testing. It doesn't teach the children anything. Sigh. I don't know what the problem is, but I know the solution isn't more tests telling us there's a problem!

If my school doesn't score higher than it did the last two years, it's going on the "endangered" list in the district. Not good at all...

Jenn - Colin was forced to take a standardized test in 2nd grade and he had a severe anxiety attack. Hyperventilating, the works. I had to come take him home! Ever since then, he hasn't been able to take a test well - even classroom tests. I'm laying the blame for that at the school's door!

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