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February 09, 2007



I haven't read Stephen King in so long....sometimes I find popular authors start cranking them out and lose something as they go. I am looking for some "different" reading lately-I will check that out at the library.

Thanks for the reviews.

BTW, 6th grade boys are basically idiots-in all sincerity.


Oh I do so enjoy your book reviews :) As it happens, I happen to have some BUtcher waiting in the wings so it was cool to hear that you think well of him :)

I started a new character in Myria's and my Guild Wars games - can you guess what I named my wolf this time? Heheh...

Carrie K

Yay for Dylan! And glad to hear Colin is doing well also.

You know, they really can put an eye out. Smack someone who wears contacts in just the right place. I hate mischief like that. It's mean and it's thoughtless.

Cursor's Fury? I suppose it's not the cursor on the keyboard.....I haven't read any of that series of his, although I do love his Dresden series. The TV show isn't bad but it is different. Curse of the medium and the meddlers.


Thanks for the book reviews! I just started watching the Dresden Files on TV - never knew it was a book series. The TV show is ok, but I am betting the books are much better.
Checking out my local library now for Jim Butcher books!


Ah Bron, as long as I read your blog, I'll never regret retiring. I so don't miss the idiots. And I have to say it's been a luxury to be sick this week and not have to worry about lesson plans. Subs like you should rule the world. Unfortunately, good ones like you are too few. I'll go now and check into those books you mentioned.


Deneen - Truer words were never spoken: 6th grade boys, by & large, will always be idiots. hehe

Robbyn - Hehehe - I'm SO happy you love the Robin Hobb books as much as I have. That's still one of my favorite EVER series in ANY genre. :)

Carrie - I agree. You'd be amazed at what these kids launch into the air. It's a good thing I wasn't wearing my contacts! Good point!

Mariella - Trust me - you'll love the books!

Thanks, Sharon. :) Honestly, my respect for teachers has gone up considerably since I started subbing....and my certainty that you are/were all nutso for doing it! LOL

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