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February 28, 2007


Lisa in Oregon startled the heck out of me to see that houses with the same floor plan as my rental in our neighborhood are getting close to 200,000. Puh-Leeze! Must be joking, but they're not....

Love your dishcloth spree.... keep 'em coming!


I'm so glad at least part of your house woes are working out in your favor. And what's scary about the LA area - 379K won't get you a condo anymore :( It's obscene.


The butterfly one is cute! I was once going to design a butterfly dishcloth and I don't have to.

We have been house hunting for the past few years and we should have bought 4 years ago. Prices were more affordable then. Now, they are ridiculous, though have dropped a small bit. Still, an average (3 bed, 2 bath) mediocre, nothing fancy house in a decent neighborhood is $325,000. In a run down neighborhood, a 2 bedroom runs around $250-270K. It is very frustrating for me and Tony and is one of the reasons why I am going back to work.


I love all the dishcloths you've been making! I wish I had lots of random colors of cotton to make some! But I can't really justify buying more... esp since I have no use for them :(

Good luck on the home purchasing!


Thanks, Tifff. :) For me, it's a really inexpensive way to enjoy myself. For $10 I can get 7 or 8 different colors of cotton & really go to town. I never thought I'd use them either, but they kinda grow on you. After all, everyone has to clean! ::Grin::

Wendy & Jillian - I really like California, but I'd never live there just because of what you're talking about. Housing is really out of control out there & not getting any better!

Come out here, Wendy! A 3 bedroom/2 bath, very good ranch style goes for around $175,00, depending on the neighborhood. Our problem is that we're looking for 4 bedrooms, 2 living areas, at least 2 1/2 baths, etc. That hikes our price at least $50,000. Sigh.

Thanks, Lisa - I'll be dishragging 'til I drop! LOL

I'm really hoping we can get top dollar for our rental so we don't have to finance too much & still be able to afford a much bigger house. In this case, I'm hoping high home prices work in our favor!


It's so funny, that is exactly what I paid for my house and it's dirt cheap here in NYC, it was frankly all we could afford.

It's not like academic retail is huge moneymaking career!

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