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Projects Completed In 2007

  • Pineapple Pullover

  • Clay items - beads, etc.

  • Abi - Rowan Sweater

  • Several Beaded Necklace/Earring sets

  • Christmas Table Topper

  • Rhubarb (aka "Tomato") knit

  • Larger Than Life Bag - Crochet

  • Vogue Cardi #19 - Knit

  • Summer Bag - crochet

  • Lucy in the Sky with Bob - Knit

  • Spiderweb Cardi - Crochet

  • Bianca's Jacket - Knit

  • Something Red - knit

  • Two tea cozies - one knit, one crochet

  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

  • Doris Chan's Lace Cardi - crochet

  • Nantucket Jacket

  • Fish Bath Mat

  • Crocheted Triangles Purse

  • More dishcloths than one person should EVER make

  • Fountain Lace Cardi - Knit

  • 2 Knit & 1 Crocheted Calorimetries


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January 24, 2007



The wrap sweater is gorgeous! If you hadn't said it was made with bulky yarn, I'd have no idea by looking at it - I'd have guessed worsted weight. It will be fun to see what you come up with!


weird, I haven't had any problems with the ww online tools -- no missing days, etc. However, it is a poorly, poorly designed and written application (hey, I do this for a living, I can diss their software).

I really like that wrap top! :)


Pretty cardi! (Could you hold two strands of worsted together? Of course, at the rate you go through yarn, buying more isn't really a problem! ;) )


Low carbs worked for me and still does. I don't eat any carbs after 4:00 PM (usually) and rarely eat bread during the day (but don't discount it). It helps with my stomach problems too (if I stick to it).


Beautiful cardi - I am also surprised that is chunky! Maybe figure out gauge for a different size using worsted?

Good luck with the renters, the classes, and the food!

Lisa in Oregon

Hiya bron...been lurking awhile, about WW online, I now use, it's FREE!! :) If you are interested, I can send you an invite...(i get "points" for it, I'm like a kid with gold stars, gotta get those points, lol). :) lisa in Oregon

Karen Carter

Low Carb is great! I love the results of a low carb diet. I do South Beach off and on and regulate carbs on my own very well.

I love the wrapped cardi, can't wait to see you styling it!

Carrie K

Buy! buy! buy! Wait, sorry. Look for something in your stash. It's a really pretty pattern.

It's funny what food works for different people. Just goes to show you that there is no cookie cutter solution! Good for you for finding out what's right for you.


I love the lace in brown - never would have thought of that! Gorgeous!


Andrea, Paula & Jillian - I'm thinking of using a tape yarn in aqua that I've had sitting on my shelves for months. I'm wondering if it would be too much to edge it with lime....hmmmmm.....

Jess - I'm glad to hear from an expert that their website sucks! LOL I've been really frustrated with it from the start.

Karen & Deneen - Don't know why it took me so long to come back to my old favorite. I had a real "doh!" moment and smacked myself for being slow! LOL

Lisa! ::pounce:: I've been wondering where the heck you've been! Do more than lurk in the future, ok? Thanks for the heads up on the site - sure, I'd love to check it out.

Carrie - Well, I certainly know who to turn to when I need support for my yarn buying habit! LOL

Barbara - The color is probably looking funky on different monitors. It's actually a mottled dark pink in the magazine. :) But I think the cardi would look great in any color - especially with that green trim.

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