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January 06, 2007



Look how organized and semi-organized it all is. I have yarn in totes, cedar chest, bags, etc and not sorted at all (okay, some is sorted, but that was ages ago) and I have to go by memory of what I have and let's face it, the memory is the best as I age (LOL).

Rental property mostly sucks. A friend of mine mentioned renting her house out and maybe buying some investment rentals and I know I blanched when she said it. Years ago, I had two small houses I rented out-never ended well. I am also now doing some legal work for someone who has rentals and honestly, same problems, different people. I have nothing against renters, I did rent for years, but I never had any luck with renting out property myself.


Well that bites - sort of. It sounds like you wanted them out. Better luck with your next people! Our landlord was originally thinking about turning our place in a single-family (it's a duplex - he's on the other side), and then it got delayed. We asked once about timing, i.e. how many years he would want us here. And he said "please stay as long as you want!" We are good (clean, quiet, mature, pay on-time) renters and now I can see where he'd want to keep us. I just never thought about it.

Good for you for getting organized and packing up!

Fountain lace looks great too.


Wow, that Fountain Lace is just gorgeous!
Great job on re-organizing your yarn closet. I like the idea of sorting by colors.

Be careful of your present renters. They have to come up with a down payment and closing costs on the house they will be buying... Don't they have to give you 30 days Written Notice (not verbal notice)? If they are on a month-to-month tenancy or on a written contract, 30 days Written Notice is what's required. (I watch a lot of People's Court, LOL.)

Do you check references and do a credit check on prospective tenants? You probably did, but it's a shame that doing so is not always a guarantee that the tenants will pay on time and all that.

Have a great day everyone!


Packing and moving really sucks. It is really a relationship strainer. You are lucky though to have older boys who can help move boxes. You are right, packing two months in advance helps. My suggestion is to buy a couple of rubbermade containers and don't pack them until the very end. The last bit to pack up and move looks like one box, but usually is more like 10 so the rubbermades will come in handy to just throw random stuff in and move it. Trust me...


Now that is some stash!! Shame about the renters, hopefully you'll get nice tenants next time. Did I say nice stash already? And I'm loving that fountain lace.


We're in the same boat, hoping that the financing guru can get 'creative' with our renters who, despite instructions to be out by February 1, now say that they want to buy and we think it's just a stalling tactic. Every single personal check they have written in the last year has bounced, and those are often late.

These people have four kids, I don't understand how they live like this.


You might want to check out the book One Skein Wonders for your odds and ends. There's quite a few nice little projects in there... maybe it'll inspire you.


That colour coded stash is pretty impressive! :o)


It it me or do all corgi's look like they are constantly smiling. Take a look at our girl on my blog.


Sometimes retners are not always an ideal situation, but then again, neither is life. I think selling the property and investing is a better way to go. Fountain Lace Cardi looks beautiful. I'm going to have to hunt down that issue. And in the Almond C-E, it looks great. You've inspired me once again. Good for you to get started packing early, otherwise at the end, it does become a tremendous mess!


First off... NICE STASH!
Secondly... Renters bite!
Thirdly...packing and getting ready to move suck rotten eggs!

It will all work out!
* this of course it what I keep telling myself as well!*


I have rental properties myself and understand the difficulties that can arise. But, overall I think they are worth it. Hope everything works out for you.

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