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January 27, 2007



What a cool apron! You have the actual pattern for it or are you going to trace the apron and make a pattern? I'd love to make one of them. Sewing the curves will be fun as long as you take your time.


Funky apron! I own a suitcase full of vintage aprons from my grandmother. You know, I have not had the time to look through them. Maybe I will find time this weekend.

I know what you mean about memories. You have the good intermingled with the bad. I also wanted to be like my friends, who had perfect happy memories, of course, now I know those people didn't really.


beautiful post


It's a heartbreaking story even if it did end with the neat apron part.

Good luck making the apron-you're so good at this stuff, it'll be terrific I am sure.


Your tale brought out a couple tears over here. Thanks for telling it.

And I'm glad you found YOUR light.:-)


Well she certainly raised a fearless daughter - good for her and good for you!


I love vintage everything but it takes a story like yours to remind me that while the things are great and able to last a long time the relationships were fragile and the people often lived in a world of hurt. Thanks for sharing.


What a beautiful story Bron. Thank you for sharing.

My grandmother always wore an apron.
I started making them several years ago when my sister mentioned that she couldn't find any in stores. I've since made more and given them for gifts to friends and family.

I think aprons have made a come-back in recent years; they have style and most importantly, protect clothing while cooking.

Have a great day everyone!


Without planning it, I find I've moved most of my pleasure reading time to the internet. I track numerous knitting/craft blogs for the projects and for stories like this one. So poignant and so beautifully written. There are chains that shackle family members generation to generation, but your family's chains broke with you.

What a treasure you found in that apron! A family heirloom in perfect, usable condition; great vintage fabric; and such a unique pattern. I've never seen an apron like that one. I'll look forward to seeing you duplicate it.


Wow... thanks for sharing.


That is the coolest apron! I can't wait to see how the reproduction turns out.

Carrie K

So possibly a quite unique pattern! Looking forward to seeing your version of it.

Aw, that's so sad about your mother. All that fear. Poor baby. Didn't make her life any easier.

Willa Jean

Oh, Bron, she'll be smiling with every stitch you make and every step you take. I know how proud she is of you!
Willa Jean

Willa Jean

P.S. And I LOVE that apron!


I love this post. I love what you said about your mom keeping busy as a distraction against the dark. I love what you said about a bit of your mom living vicariously through you. You gave me a lot to think about.

I read your blog daily and enjoy seeing what you've knit, etc, but have never felt moved to post before. Thanks!


Beautiful apron and interesting story.


Here's to your mom and the daughter she raised. I hope you have some good memories when you wrap yourself in that great apron.


Thanks for all the lovely, to answer some of them!

Jill - I'm going to make a pattern from butcher paper or newspaper. Luckily there are just 3 pieces needed! :)

Wendy & Pink - It's amazing how often "perfect" families are the ones most flawed. :)

Thanks, Sara. :)

Deneen - I have so many projects bubbling in my brain, I'm feeling foolish for taking on more sewing! But something about that apron just jumped out at me. We'll see how it goes.

Marcia - Some things are hard to tell but still they insist on coming out.

Jillian - Well, I try. Even when I'm feeling pretty scared, I soldier on. I think that's the difference between us - my Mom tended to stop in her tracks.

Margaret - I'll be answering your email - thanks!

Paula - What a wonderful compliment. I'm speechless. (Well, as speechless as I ever am. ::wink::) I'll be picking out fabric for my version today....

You're welcome, Leisel - glad you enjoyed it.

Pfirsch - Totally answered in email - you rock!

Carrie - No, it's sad when people's behaviors sabotage their growth & life rather than enhance it. But she could never see that. Sigh.

Thanks, Willa Jean! She'd definitely be happy I'm still sewing - that's the only class she made me take in high school. One of the "womanly arts" she wanted me to master. ::Grin::

Thanks so much for posting, Kim. :) I like nothing better than when lurkers comment. Just ask Paula! (Right, Paula? :::Grin::) I'm glad the post touched a cord, Kim. When I sat down to post it just came pouring out. I'm happy it made some sense.

Thanks, Vera. :) My family is nothing if not interesting. ::grin::

Kristen - Yep - good memories will hopefully outweigh the bad. At least, that's what I always strive for. :)


Oh boy, you got me there. These days tears come fast, and that post painted a wonderful picture (and not so wonderful) of who your mom was and the things she valued. In the end it is the familiar that keeps one going.

Great GREAT apron. I'm really looking forward to seeing your version of it done. And, If you make up a pattern, maybe we can all buy one from you! I for one would be all over that!

Thanks for the great post.


Perhaps her apron was your Mum's shield - her barrier between herself and the world, and she used it to hide herself from whatever it was she feared. Such a poignant story. Thanks for sharing it Bron. Looking forward to seeing your apron creations!

Amy Boogie

Amazing what memories a piece of cloth will evoke. And what fear will to do us. Thank you for sharing.

That apron is really interesting. I have not seen any like it either. I can't wait to see what you make.

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