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Projects Completed In 2007

  • Pineapple Pullover

  • Clay items - beads, etc.

  • Abi - Rowan Sweater

  • Several Beaded Necklace/Earring sets

  • Christmas Table Topper

  • Rhubarb (aka "Tomato") knit

  • Larger Than Life Bag - Crochet

  • Vogue Cardi #19 - Knit

  • Summer Bag - crochet

  • Lucy in the Sky with Bob - Knit

  • Spiderweb Cardi - Crochet

  • Bianca's Jacket - Knit

  • Something Red - knit

  • Two tea cozies - one knit, one crochet

  • Square Neck Tank top - knit

  • Doris Chan's Lace Cardi - crochet

  • Nantucket Jacket

  • Fish Bath Mat

  • Crocheted Triangles Purse

  • More dishcloths than one person should EVER make

  • Fountain Lace Cardi - Knit

  • 2 Knit & 1 Crocheted Calorimetries


  • Knitting Patterns Crochet Patterns by


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January 25, 2007



Talk about a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing.


Your purse is beautiful! And wow - those kitsch pictures are truly something else!


I love how that purse looks! Too bad it's so heavy... otherwise it would be fun to make a sweater with that motif and yarn.

Clackers! I had those!!!


Cool book!

From yesterday: I absolutely love aqua and lime together! As a total clothes horse, I often remember clothes and color combinations that I like from tv shows, magazines etc. Here's the reference: SG-1, "Wormhole Extreme" - Samantha Carter.

The purse is tres cool! I'm sorry to hear the yarn sheds so much - the colors are really pretty but I don't think I'd want to work with it.

Ah, Kitsch - it always makes me smile.

Carrie K

A Samantha Carter reference! And Wormhole X-Treme to boot. My heart runneth over.

Cute purse! Too bad it's heavy. I've had to ditch my leather purses because of the weight.

A Santa toilet seat cover? Ye gads & little fishies.


I really like the way that bag turned out! I don't think I have the patience for all those motifs though! very cool! :)

Amy Boogie

The purse looks fantastic. OMG those grapes. I loved those. hhhmmmmm, I can make them you say? I need that book. I'll have grapes everywhere!


The purse looks great!


I also loved those grapes. The purse is great to me. I think if I make one, I will do something different for the strap, like a leather belt. I think that might take the weight of the bag differently.


The jewel tone purse is cute. I remember a lot of those kitschy crafts, though I don't think my mom allowed them in our house! Clackers - I'd forgotten about them. It's a wonder we all survived childhood.


oh holy moly - you are certainly walking through my past too! I had a pair of purple click-clacks, that's what we called them and I remember they had silver sparklies in them and they looked like giant disco marbles. Oh how many times, i've asked my dad when I've been back home to climb into the attic and find those - probably next to my Crissy and Velvet dolls! I loved them!!! Great purse - I bought that issue and I LOVE IT! I've got to try that yarn - thanks for the closeup!


Nice bag!! I totally love the colors--great job!!!! I'm really impressed.


Thanks for the compliments on my purse, everyone! I appreciate it. :)

Carmen - Mine had sparklies too! LOL

Andrea - Did you ever hit yourself in the head with yours? I remember bruising my wrist with those clackers too.

Kristen - I'm kinda glad, now, that Mom was a little kitschy - it certainly brings back fond memories. Kind of a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see the pics today. :)

Wendy - I think a belt would be a great idea. This strap curls in a bit too much. I may end up lining it to give it stability.

Amy - I know, I know - I'm tempted to run out, get the stuff, and make...well...bunches! hehe

Carrie - just try sitting on a sequined Santa after a shower and It's a new experience in Christmas cheer!

Wormhole X-treme - one of my favs!!!

Unfortunately, I pulled out the yarn yesterday and realized it wouldn't work for the pattern without a massive re-write. And I'm SICK of re-writing! So I'm on to Plan B. Details to follow....


I can't remember hitting my head... but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. ;)

sally powell

I was hoping to find the pattern for the triangle motif purse as I would like to make it for a specile frienf thank you sally

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