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January 23, 2007



I'm so happy that you found a shirt to wear a vest with. Now that you say that, I just bought a couple more long-sleeved shirts that I could actually wear a vest with. I'm glad that you were able to wear one. That's really too bad about the yarn fading so badly. That's good to know. I'll be sure to not buy any of that yarn.
You're right about the kids and how they act in the pack mentality and their reactions to peer pressure. My 13 yo stepson is great at home, but in peer pressure, he does make stupid decisions and is not always an angel at school, so I completely agree with you. Good luck with your assignment today.

Karen Carter

I think your purse is turning out beautifully! Fifty six ends...well you go girl :)


The school stuff just sounds like a big headache at times. The triangles look really awesome and fun, but I don't know about all of those ends.


I love the way the triangles look. Very nice.

Sorry to see you are still having problems with your tenants.


Carrie K

That's horrid about the yarn. I hope her Silky Wool doesn't behave like that.

Sheesh. Students. But then I'm from back in the day when if you got in trouble at school, you got in trouble at home. Nowadays it's the school's fault somehow.

Next week should be easy-peasy to compensate, right?

Willa Jean

I'm definitley looking for that magazine and checking around the net for some yarn. (No yarn stores anywhere near.) I can make that purse, I'll bet.

I WANT A PICTURE OF YOU IN THAT VEST!!! I'll bet you look great.

I used to sub those classes almost exclusively, and for the same reason: the front office knew I could do it and wouldn't be likely to call in the cavalry. Then when I got my credential I ended up teaching "those kids" full time in special classes. I really loved it. If somebody had just given me permission to shoot a few choice adults, I'd still be teaching. I'm kidding. Mostly.

Now the serious question. Really serious. How do you knit while watching Battlestar Gallactica. I can knit through 24, or Medium, or Ghost Whisperer. But not Gallactica. My hands just stop moving, and I think maybe my mouth falls open, but I can't be sure.

Stand And Deliver is a great movie the first 20 or 30 times.


Wanda - Even the very best of kids can screw up when they get with other teens. After all, their brains aren't even fully developed yet. At least the part that makes good/bad decisions. I just wish more parents would acknowledge that. Sigh.

Glad to hear someone else is taking the vest plunge!

Wendy & Karen - Yeah, thinking of those ends almost stopped me, but I just ignored that little voice! LOL

And yes - the school stuff IS a big headache. I'm just glad I'm not a regular teacher!

Cindy - Very soon they'll be out for good & we can sell the house and get on with our lives!

Carrie - An easy-peasy time next week? From your mouth to the school gods ears!

Willa Jean - You can totally make that purse. It's really easy once you get the hang of it. :) And I'll try to get a pic of my & my new/old vest!

Sometimes the attitude gets to me so much - I just want to smack these kids! They don't even have special ed. as an excuse. Just non-caring parents. One girl told me yesterday that history would never help her in her life so she "just doesn't do it." The same for science. The teacher had told the class they'd be learning college level science so she shrugged & said, "Whatever" and is currently flunking because she says the work is too hard so she doesn't care.

You know - Battlestar Gallactica (the new one) is a show I never really got into. (Yeah, I know - sacrilege!) I watched the first season off & on and part of the second but dropped it. But there are plenty of other shows on that I can't take my eyes from! LOL So I know what you mean. :)

sally powell

I think your triangle purse is beautiful. I have been trying to get the pattern to no avail. I hope I can get the pattern. thank you very much for your time s powell

sally powell

Hi I am hoping to find the triangle purse pattern instructions to make it for a very dear friend If you have it I would love to make it. thank you for your time sally

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