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December 30, 2006



I am a little jealous of the snow, but only a LITTLE-it's pretty and once January 1st has come, I don't want to see it.

We have had unusually warm weather for this time of year, 40's and 50's-now if it could only get to the 60's, I would be happy, happy, happy!


We have seen exactly 2 snowflakes all season and you have a FOOT? First you knit faster than Blizten and Donner fly, then you get all the snow...I swear, some people are just lucky that way. Here we are, equipped for all sorts of winter weather: mittens, hats, scarves, huge sleds, big hills and no snow. Heck, today they are calling for highs in the 60s! Wanna swap???


Your sweater looks Fabulous! Great Job!

Welcome to snowland, again! That Denver storm went in a BIG counterclockwise direction and many states got the snow, Wyoming too. We still had snow from the storm before Christmas. The difference is that the snow stays around with the COLD temperatures. Right now it's 14 degrees outside. The sun comes out for awhile and maybe it will melt just a little, only to freeze again. The city & county only plows the main roads/streets, so the streets in the neighborhoods are very icy and slick.

Love that snow fox! Have a great day everyone!


Well, I do live in Denver... We fly back from Vancouver B.C. today at 1:00 and will be home by 6 tonight. Our driveway is LONG and steep and we are afraid we wont be about to get up after driving an hour 1/2 from the airport. Since we live up in the foothills we probably double the snow than what Denver got. Sheesh!

Ok, on to the Nantucket. You and I look like we have similar coloring and I happen to have that same colorway - favorite color EVER! I'm still not sure I'm advanced enough, but I'll give it a go. It is VERY flattering on you by the way. The waist is what does it for me. Thanks for the tips.

Talk to you soon, Bron. Enjoy the snow and here is wishing you a very Happy New Year!


Wow, please send the snow in the direction of Norway! We are supposed to have winter her now and there should be lots of snow...but the temperatures keep jumping up and down the scale from day to day. And we just have lots of fall-storms with extreme rain and wind.


The sweater is beautiful, Bron and I appreciate your commentary. I'm going to print it out and put it in the magazine. It's too complicated for me at this point in my knitting career, but a girl has to have dreams. :-) As a fellow CE lover, I'm thinking it would be great in either Ice or Candy Blue, although I gotta say - love the lime/spring green!

Earlier in your blog's history, you commented on crocheting your seams together. That has been a life saver for me on a couple of sweaters with some "unsmooth" yarns that would not have sewn well. It's so easy, it feels like cheating! I'm currently knitting Bonne Marie's Twist with a regular smooth worsted and am contemplating how I will seam it when done. How are you doing your seams these days?

And as for where the blog is headed in 2007 - I hope not too far different than what you've been doing up to this point? (You've mentioned this a couple of times and I'm a tad worried. :-}) Although I can see where you may be looking to step more firmly into design. Hmmm..... I'll be waiting patiently to find out. >grin<


My friend Mendy's father lives in Albq. I told her to be sure to check your blog today to see what her dad is dealing with. She had called him earlier and couldn't believe what he was telling her.

I just bought a copy of the current IK so I could make that cover sweater. Thanks for all the notes. I just have to figure out what stash I have that I can use.


Thanks for the Nantucket tips... I'm thinking of making this one for myself. Hubby is going to get me the magazine as a belated Christmas present. I haven't made myself anything for a few years, so I'm going to treat myself. Maybe in purple?


Wow that snow looks amazing. We've had a strange summer so far too. It's way cooler here where I am than it should be. More like Spring weather, and I'm NOT complaining!! I hate the heat. Thanks for the snow pics though. I've rarely seen the stuff, so I can enjoy it through you. :o) Oh, and congrats on the Nantucket completion! It looks wonderful. Love the lime green. I'm rather partial to it, winter or spring. :o)


Terri - I'm blaming the weird weather on global warming! I have a feeling it'll only get worse from here on out. Sigh.

Beezie - Purple would be awesome for Nantucket! You'll love knitting it - it's a great pattern. :)

Larry - I look forward to seeing your version! I remembered the Mendy's father lives here - I'm glad I could vouch for the snow. He's really NOT going crazy! LOL

Paula - I seamed Nantucket with crochet slip stitches although, of course, that's still knitting heresy. ::wink:: I did, however, sew the shoulder seams overhand. Honestly, weaving the seams with a needle is more trouble than it's worth!

Silja - Sending you snowy thoughts, definitely. I thought it was a law of nature that Norway would have snow by now! Crazy, crazy weather.

MaryKay - I hope you made it into your house safe & sound! Thanks for the compliments on Nantucket! Don't worry about being advanced - it's honestly as easy pattern once you get past the first few rows of set-up!

Margaret - Yes, I'm glad we don't have the frigid temps that you have up north! At least we can look forward to upper 30's, lower 40's today! Our snow hadn't melted from before Xmas either - what a mess!

Jill - I'm SO totally ready to swap! LOL After Xmas is over, I don't want any more winter wonderland!

Deneen - Yep, I like snow at Christmas, but I'm really tired of it now. :) I'm starting to get nervous about what the rest of the winter season will bring!

Anne C.

I just found your blog yesterday, as I was searching for other folks who had done the Nantucket Jacket. Thank you for your comments about the stretch and the fit. I had just gotten to the armhole decreases for the back and was concerned about a 7.5" armhole. After reading your assessment, I'm going to proceed with it as written, so thanks again!

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