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December 16, 2006



What an obnoxious person that teacher is. Asking who it was for, etc is one thing, but then beating the dead horse on the color and how it's not a good one for you-tact is what she needs, a lesson in tact.


Excellent idea donating to a nursing home! I've done that myself, and usually the nursing staff is most helpful with who to gift it to. So many people there are in need of warm shawls & sweaters!

That teacher was rude. Usually people ask me WHAT are you making (not WHO is it for). My mother used to say "If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." Color is an individual choice, and I have a very hard time choosing one color for a project because there are so many beautiful colors! It is surprising how many colors seem "icky" but look terrific ON. You go girl! I think you handled that quite well.

I once wore a lime green top to the Senior Center (where I volunteer) and one of the gals in the office told me "If you ever come to work here full-time, we are going to have to discuss your wardrobe." I just laughed. LOL I liked the top and that's what matters.

Have a great day everyone!


The woman has no business giving advice on color choices when she is so obviously color-blind. The pink looks great on you, and the green will, also. She reminds me of a couple of vicious girls I went to high school with who took such delight in spoiling things for a person.
I'm glad you're going to give the vests a chance. I've always had vests in my wardrobe because they can be a great way of dressing up a simple outfit like a shirt and pants.


What a rude woman! Great job to you though, I probably would have said something nasty ;)

I designed a side to side sweater last year, but never finished the pattern writing, or put buttons on it, so no one has ever seen it lol.


holy crap! that was so rude of her. I don't get it.

[for the record, I can wear lime green and it works for me too. I have dark brown hair! ]

I'm enjoying your review of the years FOs! :)


She sounds like a nincompoop. Well-meaning, but still.


That teacher is some lousy role model for her students.


I'm a winter, but I can handle lime green. And who cares anyway? It's your inner glow that makes you look great.


Your Nantucket project looks beautiful and I think the lime green will look lovely on you. I'm a brunette and I would definitely wear it.


Thanks, everyone. :) Honestly, I've never had anyone go on & on & on like she did! A snarky comment here & there I can handle but sheesh - I was really close to letting loose on the woman!

I'll have to make sure she sees me when I wear the cardi for the first time at school. ::wink::

I double-checked & I'm a "Summer" - what's more summery than lime green? hehehe


that's just horrible Bron - how rude of her! One to strike off your Xmas card list


The sweater looks great! Lime green really does flatter a wide variety of skin tones/hair colors. I'm a blonde (no red at all - ash blonde) with fair skin and that's one of my favorite colors to wear. I always get compliments when I wear it - in fact, I think 1/3 of my summer shirts are exactly that shade.

Obviously we are all right, you know what looks good on you, and that teacher doesn't know what she's talking about.

Thanks for the reviews on your past knits - very inspirational!


Wow, that teacher has her nerve to say that to you (she was obviously "gumballing", where "inside thoughts" don't stay inside the way they should).

Anyway, I'll stop back to see your progress on Nantucket, as I'm interested in this jacket for myself.



Honestly, that woman has a real problem. How can she feel good about herself being so persnickety to other people. So only red-heads can wear green?? Hmmm, I've always been honey-blondish and I've got green eyes. Does that mean my eyes look awful because my hair isn't red? Stupid stupid woman. Pay no heed to her at all Bron. You'll look fabulous in that lime green. Everyone can wear all colours, you just have to pick the right shade of a particular colour to suit you. Some blue/greens don't look that good on me, but any green that is earthy particularly with a bit of yellow or gold in it looks just right. I can't wear purples that are too pink, but amethyst shades look great. She hasn't got a clue. :o) There - I feel better now. :o)


Sheesh Bron. I always thought teachers were supposed to be the height of tact and diplomacy. If you're going to say something negative, you're supposed to cushion it with something really positive. I wonder how many of her Special Ed. students this woman sends hurtling to the ground every day making them feel confused and worthless. Poor kids!!!

I used to wear a bright lime green pantsuit to work and I thought it looked awesome on me. The guys I worked with in particular always complemented me on what I was wearing, particularly if it was green. I was sitting outside having lunch with my mum and my aunt and a wasp came along and perched on my knee so I got a picture of it :) Wasps really love green too ;)

When I started reading this entry, only the first 2 lines were visible and I smiled and thought yay..the teachers are finally going to say something and then Bron will be happy and more knitting conversations will ensue but frack that. At least you got positives from the two other teachers Bron which is a good thing. As far as wanting to wear it and get a compliment from this woman, I'd forget it..don't think it will happen.


Your green nantucket looks just lovely, and I am convinced it will look good on you, whatever color you choose for your hair.
Those "season color palettes" were probably devised at least as much to sustain some marketing scheme as for helping people insecure about choosing colors. However, I find they simply stink when taken as a rule. How reductive. Hey, you are the one who knows!


Wow. That lady was quite rude. I think you'll look great in the sweater.


I would be pissed at that teacher too! Don't let her voice stay in your head - don't give her that power over you. She's just an idjit (Texan for idiot). I love your projects - if you need a quick fix - do you knit socks? Those are quick and easy and there is ALWAYS someone who will wear them!

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