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November 20, 2006



Oh no - I hope Colin feels better soon! I forget, not being around kids, that that stuff starts going around this time of year!


The next wave on Wii should be late next week. That's when the ones my husband ordered at his store arrive so be on the lookout!


If the fever is over 101 I would take him to the doctor today. If he wakes up with a fever on Wednesday then I would call first thing in the morning then and take him to the doctor that day, it would be day 3 of fever by then. Hope he feels better soon. You better load him up on all of the stuff that worked for you.

You are knitting fast on that ribbing! My 3rd column of v's open a bit, too. I was thinking that was something I was doing, but I see yours do that also, so it must be how the ribbing is, pulls on that left side.

Carrie K

Your Shaped Rib is shaping up nicely! Too bad Colin got your cold. No clue at all on whether to see the doctor or not.

Those rings are beautiful! And not just beautiful but sentimental. My favorite kind.


Oh no, I hope he feels better soon. You know, if you take him to the doctor, it'll run it's course by Thursday. If you don't take him, he'll be sick as all get out for the holiday-Murphy's Law.

My DH spiked a temp last night and had the chills. He laid on the couch and moaned and groaned, etc. Not a pretty site at all. Men....

Kat with a K

I hope he feels better soon! As daughter of a pediatrician who will probably be on call on Thanksgiving, I say you bring him in now.


Awww, I'm sure Colin really really appreciates you bringing home his homewrok for him! (what a dreadful sentence)hope he feels better soon.

Is that CE is taking more yarn and time to knit up because it is on the angle? Just thinking out loud

I always used to take my kids to the doctors when they are genuinely sick, and even when it will run its course. I had to get a hang of when to give Ian some of the medications we have at home for him for chest infections.


Thanks for all the get-better-soon wishes. :) They seem to have done the trick. As I suspected, Colin just has a cold. The fever didn't come back from the morning and he's feeling lots better after resting (and playing video games!) all day. The kids tend to spike fevers with minor infections, like colds, and then I haven't clue when they're seriously ill!

If he should happen to relapse over night, I'll definitely take him in to the Dr. before the holiday, however. Better safe than very, very sorry!

Nat - I think anything knit entirely of ribbing has the possibility of driving me batty. I'm not sure what it is - it really doesn't noticeably slow me down. Maybe it's just the *idea* of all over ribbing that has a psychological effect.

Kinda like an entire sweater of seed stitch. :::shudder:::

Deneen - Men & illness...don't get me started! LOL

Thanks, Carrie. :) Yes - it's the sentiment that's the really important part. That's why I wanted to share the pic. :)

Wendy - Yeah, it's just the way the pattern is pulling. I think one wash will even everything out. :)

Thanks for the heads up, Nancy - we're still chomping at the bit here!

Jillian - Be VERY grateful that you're not around kids during the early winter! It's been so long since I had a germ-free fall I don't even remember what it's like! LOL


Just like it being guaranteed to rain right on school pick up time, another of life's guarantees is that a child (or pet) will need medical attention on a weekend or public holiday. Will always happen. Glad you are feeling somewhat better and I hope Colin gets better fast too. And that you don't need to find a doc on Thanksgiving morning!

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